Track employees’ working time with accuracy and in real-time.

  • An intuitive system with all the answers: DATABASICS Time. With this innovative software, you are in firm control of your mid-market to enterprise organization’s most critical information: employee labor activity. Employee activity is vital to processes like payroll, HR, cost accounting, project accounting, billing, compliance, and more. DATABASICS Time lets you capture all the dimensions these processes require and at the same time, ensure that the user experience is as easy and efficient as possible. DATABASICS provides timesheet software for all industries, but specializes in creating solutions for nonprofits, federal contractors, USAID contractors, professional services, construction, field services, home healthcare, staffing firms, and retailers & restaurants.

    Key Benefits:

    • Easy Timesheet Entry: Entering time is simple, quick, and accurate. With adjustable time periods, defaults, code filters, policy enforcement, and localizations users can file a clean report in no time at all.
    • Specialized Industries: Solutions for nonprofits, federal contractors, USAID contractors, professional services, construction, field services, home healthcare, staffing firms, and retailers & restaurants.
    • Workflow and Policy Enforcement: The flexibility to input your policies is essential. Define your organization’s unique approval workflow and compliance rules to fit your business operations.
    • Payroll Control: Payroll shouldn’t be a guessing game. Maintain more control with payroll and time-tracking policy enforcement and analytics tools.
    • Real Time Visibility: With cloud-based software, it’s easy to access timesheet data anywhere, anytime, on any device. Find missing timesheets, get time entry verification, and access billing and work analyses on the go.
    • Employee Leave Management: Take control of employee time-off with DATABASICS Employee Leave Management. This automated technology has the flexibility and power to take the heavy lifting out of accruals, balance calculations, and policy enforcement.
    • Reporting and Analytics: Get the data you need to make the tough decisions with insight into data on labor, project, and payroll, whether you are a program or project manager, an administrator, or an executive;
    • Meeting Global Requirements: With the flexibility to scale small or large, DATABASICS grows alongside you with the power to support international laws, policies, and integrations, and is multilingual and supports multiple currencies.
    • Geo-Fencing: With the ability to input specific work-site coordinates, geo-fencing allows employees to be accountable for not only when they clock in, but where they clock in too.
    • Clock In/Clock Out: The DATABASICS suite is fully mobile, allowing you and your employees use their own device as a time clock. Plus, users can access their timesheet data no matter where they are from their own device.
    • Implementation and 24/7 Support: The award-winning DATABASICS team becomes your dedicated support team, with you from configuration through implementation and after. You’re always working with someone who knows how your business operates.

    System Requirements:
    Intacct Web Services; supports all major browsers.

    Paid Application


    The DATABASICS team is a problem solving group, so it makes sense that our time & expense reporting solutions do just that: they solve problems. Since 1997, DATABASICS has been solving problems by offering adaptable software in addition to taking the time to understand our customers’ specific values, needs, and goals while relying on the experience and commitment of our team. Our innovative software is being used all over the globe in all sectors, from financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing to research, retail, engineering, non-profits/NGOs, technology, federal contractors, and more.

    Here are the top 10 benefits our clients get from working with us:

    1. Award-winning customer service
    2. One mobile app to keep end users productive on the go
    3. Cross policy validation between timesheets and expense reports
    4. A centralized approval workflow
    5. Streamlined T&E billing to include both billing hours & billing expenses
    6. Shared budgeting
    7. Shared work break down structure
    8. One site for users, approvers, and administrators
    9. A single employee reporting hub
    10. Centralized security, compliance, and auditing 

    DATABASICS is headquartered in Reston, Virginia. For more information, please visit: www.data-basics.com or email info@data-basics.com.

    Phone: (800) 599-0434
    Website: http://www.data-basics.com/
    Year Founded: 1997
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