Simplify expense reporting without sacrificing control.

  • No matter where your employees travel or what they buy, DATABASICS expense management software gives your organization the best of both worlds: a powerful solution that’s easy to use. Get the tools you need to manage compliance, corporate policies and reporting with more flexibility and less hassle.

    Key Benefits:
    Better in Every Way that Matters:

    • Better Usability: Take the drudgery and inconvenience out of the expense reporting process.  DATABASICS Expense is fully mobile and designed to make short work of the most tedious tasks like receipt and hotel folio management. Discover an expense reporting solution that makes it easy to manage receipts, per diems, mileage and budgets.
    • Better Control: Formulate and enforce all of your company’s policies, keep track of projects, grants and other activities, and improve the efficiency of your audits.
    • Better Compliance: Gain the oversight, accountability and transparency you need—no matter where you do business.
    • Better Integration: Seamlessly combine your expense reporting, billing, accounting and timesheet management processes into a single, high performance system.
    • Better Localization: Our global-ready platform supports international laws, taxes, languages, currencies, standards and policies.

    Feature Highlights:
    • Mileage Tracking
    • Audit Control
    • Workflow and Approvals
    • Credit Card and P-Card Integration
    • GSA Per Diem Allowance and Deduction Support
    • OCR Receipt Scanning
    • Travel Integration
    • Project and Cost Allocation Tracking
    • Integrated Timesheets
    • P-Card Management
    • Business Rule Enforcement
    • Reporting & Analytics

    At DATABASICS, we believe in the power of better solutions driving better decisions for better results.

    We're in the business of meeting challenges--and we're here to help you meet yours.

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services; supports all major browsers.

    Paid Application

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;

    DATABASICS is in the business of solving time and expense problems with solutions that are the right choice for today and tomorrow.

    DATABASICS is driven to meet the most demanding time and expense management challenges through a combination of deep expertise, next-gen technology, and a focus on the unique needs of each customer. Powered by decades of experience, our team delivers world-class time and expense management solutions that are the right choice for today and easily adapt to the uncertainties of tomorrow.

    First and foremost, DATABASICS is in the business of solving problems. That’s why we’re the preferred time and expense management system for organizations throughout the world.  Continual innovation defines us. In 1997, we launched the first web-based, enterprise-grade time and expense management system, and we were the first to empower our customers with full administrative control. We don’t just keep pace as needs and technology change; we out-distance our competitors to deliver faster, easier entry, transparent integrations, and the utmost flexibility in configuration and reporting.

    DATABASICS’ exceptional customer service and responsiveness is the best in the industry, as recognized by the Stevie Awards and Best in Biz Awards year after year. All of our solutions provide the same end result: satisfaction for everyone within an organization — from the CEO to accounting, HR, and compliance to the employees who use the system every day.

    Time and expense are better together, which is why DATABASICS addresses these two critical business processes with absolute ease in one solution. Plus, an ideal fit comes standard for every customer. Let’s get to work on your time and expense challenges today.

    Phone: (800) 599-0434
    Website: http://www.data-basics.com/
    Year Founded: 1997

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