A global expense solution that's mobile, easy to use, cost-effective, and built to fit you.

  • DATABASICS Expense delivers on the most demanding requirements of mid-market to enterprise organizations while minimizing employees' effort. Plus, this innovative software is cloud-based and allows employees to use their own devices to file or approve an expense reports. The result is an end to frustration, unnecessary costs, and opaque processes DATABASICS provides expense reporting software for all industries, but specializes in creating solutions for nonprofits, federal contractors, USAID contractors, professional services, construction, field services, home healthcare, staffing firms, and retailers & restaurants.

    Key Benefits:
    DATABASICS Expense: Setting The Standard For Employee Reporting

    DATABASICS Expense is an innovative solution for expense management. Key benefits include:

    • Purchase Transaction Capture: With this innovative expense reporting system, all data are right there for you. Instead of rekeying, you can choose the items you want to include. It’s as simple as that;
    • Tight Sage Intacct Accounting Integration: DATABASICS Expense is tight integration with Sage Intacct is an online expense reporting solution that brings accounting codes in and makes them available based on individualized business rules;
    • Specialized Industries: Solutions for nonprofits, federal contractors, USAID contractors, professional services, construction, field services, home healthcare, staffing firms, and retailers & restaurants;
    • Pre-Trip Authorization: Use DATABASICS Pre-Trip Authorization with your booking process to ensure that selected travelers get required approvals;
    • HR Integration: Web-based DATABASICS Expense integrates with your HR system so that the filer’s organizational identity is available for building the real-world business rules you need to effectively control spend and achieve compliance;
    • Budgeting & Analytics: Feedback is at core of process improvement. Measure, compare, adjust—you need strong reporting to make the data you collect actionable;
    • Easy Expense Data Entry: Through automatic transaction feeds and powerful defaults, DATABASICS Expense keeps user entry to the bare minimum. Users bring their own devices for a simpler, easier experience;
    • Workflow and Policy Enforcement: The flexibility to input your policies is essential. Define your organization’s unique approval workflow and compliance rules to fit your business operations;
    • Payment and Reimbursement: Our streamlined solution offers ACH direct deposit, paycheck, direct to credit card, or paper check reimbursement options;
    • Receipt and Audit: Users can file their expense reports their own way: take a picture of receipts, fax them, scan them, or directly attach them to the report;
    • Reporting: Whether you’re an executive, administrator, or manager, gain instant insight into your processes with credit card reconciliation, vendor spend, departmental reports, rules compliance, and more;
    • Implementation and Support: The award-winning DATABASICS team becomes your dedicated support team, with you from configuration through implementation and after.
    • Receipt Capture with OCR & Express Reporting Options: Let the system read receipts and auto-fill report fields for a faster, automated reporting process;
    • Mileage Reimbursement: Point-to-point, map-based mileage calculation reduces manual effort and makes reimbursements transparent;
    • Time Tracking Integration: Boost the power of Expense by integrating it with our Time sheet solution, DATABASICS Time;
    • Per Diem Management: The unique per diem engine ensures that the complex process of per diem management is easier than ever, no matter the complexity of your requirements;
    • P-Card Management: DATABASICS provides more functionality and yet simplifies P-Card management;
    • 24/7 SupportAward-winning support from your dedicated team.

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services; supports all major browsers.

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    The DATABASICS team is a problem solving group, so it makes sense that our time & expense reporting solutions do just that: they solve problems. Since 1997, DATABASICS has been solving problems by offering adaptable software in addition to taking the time to understand our customers’ specific values, needs, and goals while relying on the experience and commitment of our team. Our innovative software is being used all over the globe in all sectors, from financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing to research, retail, engineering, non-profits/NGOs, technology, federal contractors, and more.

    Here are the top 10 benefits our clients get from working with us:

    1. Award-winning customer service
    2. One mobile app to keep end users productive on the go
    3. Cross policy validation between timesheets and expense reports
    4. A centralized approval workflow
    5. Streamlined T&E billing to include both billing hours & billing expenses
    6. Shared budgeting
    7. Shared work break down structure
    8. One site for users, approvers, and administrators
    9. A single employee reporting hub
    10. Centralized security, compliance, and auditing 

    DATABASICS is headquartered in Reston, Virginia. For more information, please visit: www.data-basics.com or email info@data-basics.com.

    Phone: (800) 599-0434
    Website: http://www.data-basics.com/
    Year Founded: 1997
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