• Flexible Project Billing

    Save time and customize your customer invoicing

  • If you need invoicing automation or require extensive pricing flexibility, there’s a better way. With Baker Tilly Digital's Flexible Project Billing, you simply create a pricing template with multiple lines that includes any combination of labor rates, materials costs, or other billable expenses. Billing flexibility lets you invoice customers the way it makes sense for your business.

    With Baker Tilly Digital's Flexible Project Billing, you can easily apply your Project Price List to any existing or new parent or child projects saving you time and ensuring consistency. Simplify your billing with our built-in Pre-Bill Report letting you see what’s out there available to bill.

    Key Benefits:

    • Quickly create a project price list.
    Create or import your Project Price List once and save it so you can apply it multiple times. Your Project Price List can include any combination of pricing models or UOMs, including by day, by shift, by hour, consumables, and AP expenses. And you can create your own unique UOMs. Easily add any number of markup percentages to applicable items or item groups. Configure straight time and overtime rates, and define a “shift” or hours per “day.” Specific employees can have their own rate. You can also configure a retainage percentage.
    • Easily assign one price list to multiple projects.
    Assign your new Project Price List to an existing or new Project by simply selecting from a list. And if you have multiple child projects under a parent project, just assign the Project Price List at the parent level and it will automatically be applied to any existing or new child projects. You can then opt to invoice at the parent project level and automatically include all or selected child projects. 
    • Efficiently find and review what’s available to bill.
    With a built-in Pre-Bill Report, you can quickly see what’s out there to be billed including billable A/P purchases, expense reports, and timesheets. It’s easy to filter the list by Customer, Project, Project Type, or Project Manager, just to name a few. Approved time entries are included by default, but you can choose to include drafted, submitted, and declined time in your Pre-Bill Report. Filter your date range easily or use an “As of” date limiter.
    • Seamlessly generate detailed and itemized invoices.
    It’s easy to generate invoices for all your Projects, or selected Projects or Customers, in just a few clicks. AcctTwo Flexible Project Billing examines information in your staging invoice and intelligently applies your Project Price List data to produce a detailed invoice. Your client will be able to see labor by cost by day separated from consumables and materials, as well as other billable, miscellaneous expenses. The system automatically pulls in additional source transaction data to the final Sales Invoice so your clients can see Transaction Date, Vendor Bill Number, Markup Amounts, and more. And invoices have extensive formatting capabilities for you to customize to suit your unique needs.

    Contact us to get started: digitalmarketplace@bakertilly.com

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Project Billing Module, Order Entry, and Sage Intacct Platform Services;
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Service License - Developer

    Please contact for pricing.

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;

    Baker Tilly has been recognized by Sage Intacct as its Partner of the Year from 2014-2022. By leveraging our collective passion, human ingenuity, and experiences Baker Tilly Digital helps clients navigate business transformation with modern, innovative solutions and products all built around Sage Intacct’s best-in-class financial applications allowing them to grow and enhance their organization’s value. Go there. Start here.

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