• FieldFX Integration

    Keep FieldFX and Sage Intacct in sync

  • Oilfield, industrial and environmental services organizations can streamline the communication between accounting, field operations, and office management with Baker Tilly Digital's FieldFX Integration. It can also automate the billing process and invoice customers the same day that the job is completed. FieldFX Integration keeps FieldFX and Sage Intacct in sync for customers, employees, contacts, items, jobs, work tickets, and more. Baker Tilly Digital's FieldFX Integration creates an oil and gas-friendly front-end field ticketing and billing system that accommodates the point-in-time, detailed data collection needed by most field services companies. This creates the best of both worlds and allows FieldFX and Sage Intacct to seamlessly integrate with one another. 

    Key Benefits:

    • Improve cash flow by syncing field tickets to the accounting system generating bills in real-time. This can dramatically reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and shorten the order-to-cash-process. 
    • Reduce revenue leakage, lost revenue, and delayed payments by having accurate, up-to-date, and approved field ticket information sync directly to the billing and accounting system of record. Electronic field tickets that capture all the relevant information digitally and sync immediately with the accounting system, means no more lost or unreadable tickets and no more errors in pricing, discounting and coding. 

    • Increase productivity by removing manual steps with integrated and automated field operations management. For example, the order-to-cash process can mean a redeployment of headcount to higher value tasks. 

    • Built on Sage Intacct, Baker Tilly Digital's FieldFX Integration streamlines tasks, saving time, including automated syncing of master data between systems such as: customers, contacts, employees, items and jobs; plus, transactional information such as work tickets for billing out of Sage Intacct; and timesheet and expense data from FieldFX to Sage Intacct.

    Contact us to get started: digitalmarketplace@bakertilly.com

    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License;

    Sage Intacct Platform Services
    Order Entry

    Please contact for pricing.

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;

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