• The Multi-Dimensional Data Conversion Solution

    Migrate your detailed historical transactions from any legacy system and import them into Intacct.

  • The Multi-Dimensional Data Conversion Solution™ is a platform-independent process for migrating detailed historical data that is currently optimized for QuickBooks® (online and desktop) and other legacy systems.

    It offers full dimensional mapping capabilities which allows us to configure the system to any conceivable strategic architecture. The system has proven to be 99.999% accurate in adhering to mapping rules and data integrity on the 1st pass of error detection (error subroutines are customized to your data set).

    Key Benefits:

    1. Fast: We use proprietary software to migrate all of your detailed GL, AP & AR legacy data in days, not months
    2. Flexible: Multi-entity data migration from any legacy system (optimized for QuickBooks)
    3. Easy: We see an average of 80% reduction in the customer time spent focused on data migration activities
    4. Turnkey: Includes auto-templating of vendor, customer, employee, class, and project import lists and auto-completed data maps.
    5. ROI: Apply future Intacct dimensions to historical detailed data, instantly populating dashboards* of key metrics and thereby increasing ROI  (*requires configuration by the Implementation Manager)
    We provide a thorough hands-on experience.  We are only a call or an email away.  We migrate as much or as little data as you want so that you can completely leave your legacy system behind.

    System Requirements:
    Intacct Instance, Ability to export appropriate reports from legacy system

    Paid Service

    The Financial CoPilot (FCP) was founded in 2005 as a financial management company for a number of privately-held ventures in North Carolina. FCP started its relationship with Intacct first as a customer when, in 2014, FCP discovered that Intacct was a better alternative financial and accounting system to the 13 QuickBooks Online instances that it was managing for one of its sister companies. By mid-2014, FCP had become an Intacct Accountant Partner, and through that experience, developed The Multi-Dimensional Data Conversion Solution™ when it was discovered that the native QuickBooks data conversion tool did not function in a Multi-Entity Intacct environment. FCP began serving the Intacct Accountant Partner channel in mid-2014, became the preferred data migration subcontractor for Intacct in early 2015, and became an Intacct Marketplace Partner in early 2016. 

    Phone: (910) 221-4567
    Website: http://www.financialcopilot.com/mdcs
    Year Founded: 2005
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