• KloudGin

    Phone: (877) 256-8303
    Website: https://www.kloudgin.com
    Year Founded: 2010

  • KloudGin Intelligent Field Service & Asset Management Cloud is fully integrated suite for both  “short-cycle” and “long-cycle” work. It automates your entire "service to cash" process and is designed to take advantage of the latest Mobile, Big Data, AI, Cloud, and IoT modern technologies. KloudGin comes with out of the box real-time integration with Sage Intacct

    KloudGin seamlessly integrates with Sage Intacct for master entities/ dimensions like customers, contacts, addresses, project, work order, Item and account. It also integrates with GL, AP, AR. KloudGin sends sales invoice and AR invoice to Sage Intacct; sends GL journal entries for job costing for material, labor & equipment usage cost.

    KloudGin helps companies of all sizes, manage real-time work order routing & scheduling, dispatching, capacity planning, asset life cycle, inventory, quotes, sales order, service contracts management, projects, track mileage, shift & automated  time clocking, turn-by-turn directions, vehicle GPS/ Asset tracking, full cloud-based Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), collaboration, alerts/ notifications, service/ Executive analytics, purchase order, vendor & sub-contractor management, vendor price lists, mobile digital survey/ inspection forms, Connected customer APP/ Portal, GIS/ Google MAPS/ ESRI integration, Autopilot & Recommendation modules, access Plat map and as-build all delivered in the cloud to any mobile device natively with seamless OFFLINE capabilities.

    The Industry 1st cloud based optimization engine leverages Big Data science, AI & Machine Learning to Intelligently predict future events based on past history analyzes data from "start to finish" on parts, crews, sensors, customers, habits, traffic conditions, assets etc. making recommendations to enable optimization of assets life, deliver unprecedented operational efficiency, safety and dramatically improve customer experience.

    KloudGin comes with industry-specific business functionality and processes that are unique to your line of work. With KloudGin, you can quickly and easily connect to any source of data, no matter what it is or where it lives. Out of the Box connectors and cloud based engine can pull data from hybrid sources, to manage all operations through a "single pane of glass" technology, in real-time. 

    KloudGin comes with a configurable BI platform and out of the box Executive Analytics, which provides real-time answers to familiar questions you always have. Am I making money? Which contracts/ jobs I am losing money? Am I serving customers needs fast? Who is best suited for the job?
    This provides incredible real-time insights for you to drive growth & profitability. 

    Watch KloudGin Product Overview Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5lRR46MFeY&t=27s

    Customer Success Story KloudGin + Sage Intacct: https://kloudgin.com/iwired-success-story

    Meet your KloudGin AI Assistant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pctyHwR5ssQ&feature=youtu.be​

    KloudGin Connected Customer APP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P81abAlowGQ​

    What makes KloudGin different: https://kloudgin.com/how-kloudgin-is-different

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