• e2b teknologies, Inc.

    Phone: (440) 352-4700
    Website: http://www.anytimecollect.com
    Year Founded: 2001

  • e2b teknologies is the developer of Anytime Collect, a global accounts receivable, credit, and collections automation application that integrates with Intacct to help companies get paid faster. The software is licensed as an annual subscription hosted on Microsoft's secure Azure cloud. Pricing starts at around $100 per month. Key features include:

    • Automated email reminders for invoices coming due
    • Automated past due notices and dunning letters
    • New customer welcome emails
    • Automated invoice and statement devlivery
    • Secure customer online bill payment via ACH or credit card
    • Invoice dispute management
    • Promise to pay and expected payment tracking
    • Cash forecasts based on customer payment history
    • Integrated dashboard and business reports
    • Automated internal email alerts and report delivery
    • Prioritized collection call lists by collector
    • Inquiry users for management and sales
    • Return on investment (ROI) in about 2 months

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