• Center

    Phone: (425) 454-8520
    Website: https://getcenter.com/integrations
    Year Founded: 2015

  • Center is a corporate card and connected software solution that gives businesses real-time visibility into all employee spending, automates the traditional expensing experience and cumbersome accounting tasks, and provides finance teams with the controls and data needed for optimal decision-making. Designed to be self-service and delivered via first-class deployment to ensure confidence and deliver immediate value, Center is easily customized to your accounting practices and approval workflows and delivered in a usage-based business model.

    Center modernizes the expense reporting process from batch-based to in-the-moment expensing. Our card-first experience enables every employee expense, including unmanaged spend, to be run through corporate policies as they happen, ensuring timely approvals and month-end close. 


    Administer and manage corporate card, corporate travel, and all employee expenses (including reimbursements) in one place with Center. 

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