Phone: (212) 765-4400
    Website: https://shtar.com/
    Year Founded: 2018

  • SHTAR was established in 2018 and provides a B2B payment processing solution that interfaces existing accounting software applications (e.g. Sage, etc) with bank payment platforms, streamlining automation, and eliminating manual processes for the payor, bank, and payee.

    SHTAR automates payments and syncs transaction-related data directly from the accounting software to the recipient. It eliminates duplicate data entry and streamlines transaction approval controls within existing accounting workflows.

    After a payment that is entered in the accounting application is transferred to Shtar, the SHTAR platform software generates a vCheck™ (virtual check) that can be reviewed and approved digitally before being submitted for processing by the SHTAR user’s bank.

    SHTAR’s vision is to completely autonomize commerce to advance the human experience.
    SHTAR’s mission is to empower every member of our economy with autonomous reconciliation, predictive purchasing, and touchless transactions.

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