• COGS-Well

    Phone: (925) 980-7779
    Website: https://www.cogs-well.com/
    Year Founded: 2019

  • Our team has decades of experience in developing and servicing restaurant management systems. During this period, we observed that many restaurant operators struggle with the time and complexity required to first install and then maintain their inventory system. Our mission is to eliminate or minimize these struggles.

    Fast Installation: Most inventory systems require you to do all of your initial system setup yourself. COGS-Well, however, does most of your initial setup work for you including your inventory item database. Most inventory systems take months to install. COGS-Well, however, will typically have you up and running in a few days.

    ​Hands-Free Receiving: COGS-Well eliminates manual entry of inventory item receiving by importing invoices. In addition, our team of receiving auditors will handle new inventory items, new vendors, packaging changes, and missing pack sizes for you, and at no added cost. In other inventory systems, inventory receiving requires many hours of staff time per week. In COGS-Well, inventory receiving requires no staff time.

    Recipe Management: To make recipe management easier, COGS-Well automatically configures recipe units and their factors for inventory items. Every ingredient will have multiple units of measure. We have also added a recipe unit library that automatically scales recipe units (grams, cups, pounds, each, liters, etc.) so one ingredient can be portioned using different recipe units in different recipes.

    ​COGS-Well customers consistently report their happiness about how much faster and easier COGS-Well is to set up and use than their old inventory system. The “COGS” in COGS-Well stands for "Cost of Goods Sold".  We do “COGS well” by making inventory control and recipe management much easier and more efficient.

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