• Bellwether Purchasing and Inventory Software

    Phone: (502) 426-5463 X 106
    Website: https://www.bellwethercorp.com
    Year Founded: 1985

  • 1. Bellwether is not just our company name, but also the inspiration behind our industry leadership.
    As an industry leader since 1985, Bellwether has focused on its partnerships with its clients and vendors. While many procurement solution providers have come and gone, Bellwether has remained a staple in the industry by working as a partner with its users to develop powerful, easy-to-use solutions that work intuitively– as purchasing managers expect. With Bellwether Purchasing Software, you know you are selecting a time-tested partner that understands your needs now and in the future.

    2. Bellwether Purchasing Software is designed with your growth and changing needs in mind.
    Bellwether’s web-based (Cloud) purchasing software solution offers significant flexibility and customization for your specific needs. Whether you require multiple languages, custom fields, or simply the ability to access your application off site, Bellwether Purchasing Software is an ideal solution for companies that have their own particular needs. The powerful web-based e-procurement solution can run on various operating systems and handheld devices. If you have a browser and an internet connection, you can run Bellwether Purchasing Software. Bellwether’s web-based design removes the risk by ensuring that your solution will run on your system today, as well as in your environment in the future.

    3. You can implement Bellwether Purchasing Software quickly and be up-and-running the solution in minutes.
    Bellwether Purchasing Software defines ease-of-use. A 5-10 minute demonstration of the application is the only thing your implementation team may need to be fully functional. Furthermore, Bellwether’s experienced staff is there to provide assistance when you when need it, with dedicated support available on demand. Complementing the design and Bellwether’s live support are the dynamic and integrated smart help files. Wherever you are in the system, whether you are an occasional requisitioner or a high-level purchasing executive, the help files guide you through the steps for completing your task quickly.

    4. Bellwether is committed to growth and development.
    Bellwether removes the risk of selecting a partner who is content with the status quo, by maintaining a large full-time development staff. We are committed to on-going development, so you can feel confident that Bellwether will continue to meet your needs not only now, but also in the future.

    5. Bellwether Purchasing Software pays for itself quickly and easily.
    Bellwether helps remove the risk in selecting a purchasing software solution by quickly helping you realize your investment. Designed for power and ease-of-use, with affordable, flexible pricing, Bellwether Purchasing Software: offers excellent reasons to consider joining the ever-growing community of users. However, the most compelling reason to choose Bellwether Purchasing Software is the time to ROI. By implementing spend controls and budgeting, enforcing the use of preferred vendors, and eliminating maverick spending, our clients are able to realize instant results.

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