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  • Transform your process with Beanworks Accounts Payable Automation for Sage Intacct
    Sage Intacct accounting software allows organizations to move key business processes into the cloud, giving them more flexibility and freedom in how they work. The next step after cloud adoption, for most businesses, is automation.

    Automation transforms accounts payable
    In accounting departments, the accounts payable (AP) team has to tackle the most repetitive, manual work and is rarely seen as a strategic center within the business. Only 15 percent of businesses* see their AP department as a valuable collaborator, and one third don’t see accounts payable as a strategic operation at all, despite the high amount of data that circulates through the department each month.

    How Beanworks automates your payables
    Beanworks is built to delight by automating your entire AP process, from purchase to payment. Invoices are entered with guaranteed accuracy and stored securely in the cloud, saving you time as we take care of the data entry.

    Configurable approval workflows and internal controls in Beanworks ensure your coded invoices are automatically routed to the correct approvers and that every user only has access to the specific modules they need, based on your unique organizational structure. Since all your invoices are stored in the cloud, approvals can be completed from any location.

    Bring actionable AP insights into the boardroom with custom reports, saved searches, and data filters. Your internal and external audits can be tackled quickly and accurately, while account reconciliation and variance analysis can be done without having to dig through files.

    Finally, pay vendors via virtual credit card, EFT/ACH, wire or automated checks. Through our virtual credit card rebate program, you also have the opportunity to earn money by simply paying your bills.

    How Beanworks Integrates with Sage Intacct 
    Beanworks integrates seamlessly with Sage Intacct through our sync tool. Our dedicated Implementation team walks you through the setup and installation and provides one-on-one support for the lifetime of your account. For organizations that process invoices for multiple entities or companies, our sync tool is designed to connect to single or multiple Sage Intacct (or other accounting solution) databases.

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