• Tenrox Professional Services Automation (PSA)

    Tenrox provides a configurable platform to manage your billable and non-billable projects.

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    Tenrox was founded in 1995 and was acquired by Upland Software in 2010. Tenrox PSA is an award-winning cloud-based application that helps services-driven organizations meet the challenges of managing a globally dispersed workforce through smarter project and resource management . The application makes it easy to enforce work policies, comply with regulations, embrace proven best practices, assess project health, account for all project cost and revenue, and analyze resource planning requirements in real-time.

    Tenrox PSA is the only workflow-driven project management solution that automates project requests and approvals, resource scheduling and management, time and expense tracking, and project billing and invoicing. The application also includes configurable cost and billing rules with full support for time and material, fixed bid, recurring, and milestone-based projects. Tenrox PSA has an out-of-the-box connector for integration with Intacct.

    Key Benefits:
    Tenrox PSA has integrated project management, workforce management, and financial capabilities that allow services-driven organizations to manage and view both process and financial impact in real- time. Tenrox empowers a workforce by giving them the tools and solutions they need to access and share information faster:

    • Integrated PSA solution to address project-centric activities around timesheets, expense reporting, project financials, billing/invoicing and resource management
    • Timesheet - Tenrox provides a powerful and intuitive configurable system for capturing time and expense data to match your organization’s requirements and processes
    • Resource Management - Quickly identify capacity issues so you can optimize your resource allocations and schedules
    • Project Financials –Track project costs and revenue at a granular level enabling real time decision making and providing a base for planning for future projects
    • Real-Time Visibility - All the relevant information you need to schedule and manage projects in a single, intuitive interface.
    • Integration with Intacct  - Diminishes manual overhead involved in re-entering information in a different system by sending data, specifically invoices and payable batches, from Tenrox to Intacct
    • Simple Phased Implementation – Only pay for the modules you require; Add modules as required
    • Graphical Workflow Engine – Just drag and drop to design and change workflows for any of your business processes to automate approvals, routing, assignments, escalations and notifications
    • Effortless Compliance – Generate the reports, breakdowns and audit trails you need for compliance with government regulations or contractual requirements
    • Tenrox Mobile – A simple, reliable time and expense reporting tool for the workforce on the move. Supported on any mobile device including: Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.
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    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services

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