• Stampli Interactive Invoice Management

    Interactive invoice management software with a collaborative solution to approvals frustration.

  • Stampli is a cloud-based invoice management software that provides a intuitive and collaborative solution to invoice approval frustrations. Within Stampli, each invoice become a collaborative digital landing page which streamlines communications end-to-end. This provides all stakeholders with greater visibility and control in the payment process. Stampli integrates seamlessly with Intacct, supports unlimited users, and can be implemented across an organization in less than an hour.

    Key Benefits:
    Stampli provides Intacct customers with the following benefits:

    • Unparalleled visibility and control into the invoice approvals process.
    • A.I. & Machine Learning assistant learns entry patterns to reduce time spent coding invoices.
    • Organization-wide implementation for unlimited users in under an hour.
    • Full sync and support for PO-based and GL coding based invoices. 
    • Unlimited numbers of users per site.
    • Multi-entity support.
    • Responsive chat-based customer service.
    • Receive invoices to yourcompany@mystampli.com account or to multiple addresses segmented by location or department.
    • Communicate with vendors within the system.
    • View all activities and communications in the invoice feed.

    System Requirements:
    Intacct Web Services;
    If you're already using Intacct, implementation will be fast and easy. We will have you up and running in just 5 minutes.

    Price on Request

    For A/P teams, Stampli is the only A/P automation platform that gives full control of the invoice lifecycle (from receipt to archive). Stampli supports any procurement processes, including purchase orders, non-PO, manual, and automated processes. A/P teams use Stampli to better collaborate with the rest of the organization and vendors to make invoice processing easier, faster, and more accurate.

    Stampli features Billy, an AI and machine learning assistant, that provides A/P intelligence for automatically extracting accurate, real-time invoice data, auto-populating coding fields, and suggesting approval workflows. By centralizing communications, companies can make sure all invoices are processed with three-way matching.  Companies can get started in less than a day with Stampli's seamless integration with Sage Intacct.

    Website: https://www.stampli.com/stampli-intacct
    Year Founded: 2014
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