• AppComputing BudgetEngine

    AppComputing BudgetEngine is a cloud-based budgeting application for small medium size businesses.

  • BudgetEngine offers the complete solution for corporate budgeting and financial reporting. BudgetEngine has extensive pre-built data modules, which eliminate the needs for old-fashion spreadsheet formula. BudgetEngine is version controlled with built-in workflow, making team collaboration effective and easy to manage. BudgetEngine integrates with Intacct, empowers what-if and variance analysis on budget vs. actual. BudgetEngine runs 24x7, easy to implement, no user training is required.

    Key Benefits:

    • BudgetEngine delivers the complete budgeting solution in one cloud-based platform.
    • BudgetEngine solves the problems associated with spreadsheet based budgeting process.
    • BudgetEngine empower executives to plan, forecast and measure business performance in real-time.

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services; Intacct Subscription

    Paid Application

    AppComputing is located in the US California Silicon Valley and specializes in building enterprise financial applications. We partner with accounting/ERP solution providers. Our BudgetEngine is fully integrated with most of accounting/ERP applications.

    Phone: (408) 829-8600
    Website: http://appcomputing.com/
    Year Founded: 2008
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