• MineralTree TotalAP: AP Automation & Payments for Sage Intacct

    MineralTree integrates with Sage Intacct to give advanced invoice and AP payment processing.

  • MineralTree provides the easiest to use Accounts Payable and Payment Automation solution for Sage Intacct users. Serving 2000+ business customers and processing over $18B in annual payments, MineralTree TotalAP automates the full invoice-to-pay process and reduces the time spent on those activities by an average of 70 percent.

    MineralTree TotalAP streamlines AP, giving Sage Intacct customers unparalleled visibility into their payables and significant cost savings, in an affordable, integrated platform that is certified secure. It is the only end-to-end solution that automates all four phases of AP, includes real-time 2-way sync with Sage Intacct and processes payments directly from the TotalAP platform.

    MineralTree is the only SOC 2 Plus HIPAA audited AP automation provider, with extensive security certifications.

    Key Benefits:
    MineralTree TotalAP integrates with Sage Intacct;  increasing efficiency and streamlining operations while achieving 70 percent or more reduction in end-to-end invoice and payment processing costs. Benefits include:

    Seamless, 2-Way Sync
    Direct API-level integration with Sage Intacct enables bills to be entered into either platform and data to always be in sync.

    Single Account or Multi-Entity Support
    Customers can either sync individual entities to individual MineralTree companies or sync all of them to one MineralTree company via the root entity. Regardless of your environment, TotalAP supports multiple workflows for managing AP at the account level, subsidiary level, or within mixed/multi-entity environments.

    PO Matching
    Support for 2-way and 3-way receipt-based Auto PO Matching for more straight-through processing of invoices.

    Automated Invoice Capture
    Eliminate manual invoice entry with automated invoice capture. Available for documents uploaded or emailed by you and your vendors, our process uses a combination of OCR technology and human review that is 99.5% accurate to extract header and line-item information from invoices. 

    Unlimited Document Storage
    Store unlimited documents and search within them, quickly and easily at no added cost.

    Flexible Invoice Approval & Exception Handling Workflows
    Initiate robust invoice approval based on vendor default profiles or invoice thresholds that includes up to four levels of approval.
    Simplified Payments Process
    Just authorize your payments and let MineralTree do the rest. We'll optimize your payment mix to minimize transaction costs and maximize rebates. MineralTree's dedicated team handles Supplier enablement and ePayments enrollment support, handling any status inquiries and payment issues and providing detailed remittances on every payment.

    Payment Controls
    Businesses can implement important payment controls such as segregation of duties and dual approval. Audit trails are maintained for key approval steps, along with alerts and notifications to ensure proper control monitoring. TotalAP even supports 1099 designation with Intacct.

    Advanced Payment Security 
    Two-factor authentication, payment limits, and the production of Positive Pay files, plus extensive security certifications (SOC 1, SOC 2 Plus HIPAA, PCI DSS Level 1 Certified).
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    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services

    MineralTree offers clear pricing with no hidden fees, upcharges, or per-seat licenses. Inquire for more information.

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;


    MineralTree TotalAP is a cloud-native AP automation solution that digitizes and automates the entire invoice-to-pay process, which makes paying your suppliers on time easy, impactful, and profitable. Adding MineralTree TotalAP to your Intacct environment helps ensure that your back office can scale to accomodate growth while minimizing costs.

    TotalAP provides streamlined invoice approval and payment workflows, ensuring that Intacct users can save substantial staff time processing invoices, reduce payment processing costs, and eliminate overcharges and double payments due to manual error. Our solution is built with deep API-level connections to your Intacct environment, and supports many of the features critical to Intacct users, including 2-way invoice document sync and automated PO matching. 

    TotalAP is the only AP automation solution for Intacct that provides top-level "shared services" visibility in a multi-entity environment. 

    Phone: (978) 905-1056
    Website: https://www.mineraltree.com/solutions/total-ap/
    Year Founded: 2010
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