• Cargas AR AP Consolidator

    Link customer and vendor records in Sage Intacct to generate one display with a net balance.

  • The Cargas AR-AP Consolidator supports businesses with contacts that are both customers and vendors. The Consolidator links customer and vendor records and creates matching adjustments. This way, invoices and vendor bills can be cross-applied, and you can eliminate the headache of exchanging payments for both a customer invoice and a vendor bill. The Consolidator also helps prevent you from paying a vendor that has an outstanding balance.

    Key Benefits:

    • Eliminate the inefficiency of exchanging payments for both a customer invoice and a vendor bill
    • Increase collections by ensuring you don’t make payments to a vendor that has an outstanding balance
    • Eliminate the manual process of checking two separate records
    • Save time and money with streamlined AR and AP processes

    Key Features:
    • Create new customer and vendor records with identical numbers to identify the link easily
    • Link an existing customer ID with an existing vendor ID
    • View a list of linked customers and vendors
    • View payable and receivable transactions in a single window
    • Show detail for each transaction
    • Enable filtering by a cutoff date
    • Allow transactions to be selected (or not)
    • Provide a subtotal for selected payables and receivables
    • Show net balance
    • Create adjustments to offset payables and receivables balances

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    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License;

    Sage Intacct Platform Services


    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;

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