• EFT Manager

    Send funds electronically through any bank in the world.

  • In an increasingly global world, it has become a business necessity to send electronic payments to business partners throughout the world. While Intacct includes Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) functionality, it’s limited to domestic transactions, since the only supported format is ACH - a U.S. standard. EFT Manager breaks down borders, enabling you to send electronic payments to your vendors through any bank, anywhere in the world.

    Key Benefits:

    • Key benefits:
    • Sends funds electronically through any bank in the world.
    • Adds an approval layer, preventing the payment file from being generated without the proper approval being secured.
    • Supports multiple payment types in a single file, including: ACH, wire transfer and paper checks
    • Honors Intacct security protocol
    • Easy to use – no change to existing Intacct EFT functionality
    • Also supports many U.S. banks using proprietary file formats
    Learn more at bterrell.com.

    System Requirements:
    Intacct Platform and Web Services Subscriptions

    Paid Subscription

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