• Workforce Go! HCM

    Think of us as the experts who can help you get payroll, people, and time done right.

  • Imagine a full suite of automated, scalable tools that integrates HR, time and attendance, scheduling, payroll, and more, so you can manage and nurture all of your people in ways that inspire them to succeed – from pre-hire to retire.

    Workforce Go! HCM is a leading cloud-based human capital management solution with seamless integration with Sage Intacct including Construction. This one of a kind solution is based on a single employee record, maintained in a single database, with a single user interface. Workforce Go! HCM gives your managers single-source access to real-time employee data for driving productivity, increasing employee engagement, staying ACA compliant, and making more informed business decisions.

    Our comprehensive suite of workforce management tools is available as a package or à la carte. Workforce Go! HCM offers options for both in-house payroll or a fully outsourced solution. Workforce Go! HCM is customized to exactly what your organization needs and is scalable as you grow.

    Key Benefits:

    When used together, what can Workforce Go! HCM and Sage Intacct help you do? 

    Save time.

    • Link payroll transactions to Sage Intacct with one click.
    • Create dimensions in Sage Intacct that are automatically recognized and available for use in payroll in Workforce Go! HCM.
    • Enjoy enterprise-class HCM functionality with Sage Intacct.

     Reduce errors.

    • Payroll transactions automatically post to Sage Intacct, preventing the common sources of discrepancies.
    • Avoid rekeying, reformatting and refining.
    • Free your processes from exporting and importing.

    Eliminate reporting delays.

    • Sage Intacct dimensions are fully supported in payroll and HCM, removing the causes of slowed down reporting.
    • Avoid rekeying in payroll.
    • Say goodbye to adding information to payroll transactions after-the-fact.

     Make functionality choices.

    • Choose from outsourced or in-house payroll processing. Both options are fully supported.
    • Customize robust, ad-hoc reporting and analytics.
    • Configure employee/manager self-service tools.

    Click here to watch the Workforce Go! HCM & Sage Intacct "Better Together" Integration Video
    Click here to learn about Workforce Go! HCM Construction Payroll

    System Requirements:
    To enable this integration, a Sage Intacct Construction Subscription IS required and Platform Services.

    However, Sage Intacct users are not required to purchase their own Sender ID via the Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License.

    Pay a Monthly Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) Subscription fee. No transactional fees

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;


    Workforce Go! provides a cloud-based human capital management platform designed to help employers reduce costs and more efficiently manage people-related processes. The product suite includes payroll, time and labor management, benefits administration, and HR services. It can be delivered as a consolidated package or as stand-alone components, scalable to any sized organization.

    With an industry-leading real-time seamless integration with Sage Intacct, the Workforce Go! HCM suite and Sage Intacct are "Better Together" offering a complete workforce management solution in one unified cloud platform helping you manage your entire workforce from pre-hire to retire. With our unwavering passion for customer success, Workforce Go! is dedicated to standing by your side every step of the way. We’ll take on the most complex requirements including multiple locations, complex pay structures, unique labor laws, and transparency across all financial reporting needs.

    When you turn to us, we’ll make it all seem simple.

    Phone: (214) 800-5545
    Website: http://www.myworkforcego.com
    Year Founded: 1998
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