• FreePay – Electronic Invoicing Presentment & Payment

    Revolutionize your AR Processes with FreePay

  • FreePay is a highly configurable Electronic Invoicing Presentment & Payment (EIPP) solution that seamlessly integrates with Sage Intacct to enable your businesses to get paid faster, communicate with customers, eliminate manual Accounts Receivable processes, and improve overall customer experience.

    Leveraging FreePay's self-service Customer Portal, your customers can view invoices, apply credit notes, and make full or partial payments (i.e., deductions) via multiple methods (ACH, Card, e-Check, etc.). Actions taken on the portal can be posted in real-time to Sage Intacct, enabling you to fully automate your reconciliation process and reduce DSO by up to 30%.

    With FreePay, businesses have added $1 billion back to their bank accounts by getting paid faster, reducing deductions & disputes, and automating invoice reconciliation.

    Key Benefits:

    Benefits for Sage Intacct customers: 

    • Significant reductions in DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) – an average of 20%+ 

    Enables DSO reductions via real-time invoice presentment and tracking, multi-channel collections dunning and messaging, faster reconciliation and cash posting directly to Sage Intacct. 

    • Automates reconciliation (95%+) of customer and bank ledger (invoices, credit notes etc.) 

    FreePay automates the reconciliation of both the bank ledger and the customer ledger. It includes the Sage Intacct ledger and sub-ledger knockoffs of invoices, credit and debit notes, round-offs, withholding taxes, etc. 

    • Increases sales team productivity and focus on sales rather than collections 

    Sales teams spend valuable time (~20%) in collections-related activities – collating the status from finance, Sage Intacct and aligning with customers. FreePay’s automated dunning saves valuable salesforce time. 

    • Reduction in disputes, billing adjustments and reconciliation errors  

    FreePay enables and digitizes deduction classification and related workflows. Further, it automates reconciliation, eliminating manual errors. Customers get real-time status, improving customer satisfaction. 

    • Enables all payment mechanisms (push and pull) and reduces the cost of payments

    Supports payment mechanisms – including pull (e.g., ACH), push (e.g., wire transfers), electronic and other modes (e.g., cheques). FreePay reads all bank formats (e.g., MT940/42, BAI, ISO & other proprietary formats like CSV) to enable automatic payment reconciliation. 

    • Data-driven actionable insights to CFOs, Treasurers, Credit controllers

    FreePay offers a wealth of analytics on AR health. Overdue/DSO tracking, payment behaviors, including payment modes, views by customer/region/aggregate, salesperson etc. Actions configurable on FreePay include early pay cash discounts and collections/dunning alerts. 

    • Revenue acceleration – via faster credit unlocks for the next order cycle 

    Delays in the reconciliation of customer ledgers lead to longer credit locks. FreePay enables faster, automated reconciliation, credit unlocking and recognition of advances to enable the next order cycle. 

    Additional Features for Sage Intacct customers: 

    • Delivers actionable invoices in real-time on mobile or desktop. FreePay automatically handles credit periods, early payment discounts and dunning notifications. 
    • Supports secure, robust, confirmation-based closed-loop payment mechanisms enabling in-country and cross-border payments. 
    • 150+ AR customizable configurations for handling payment, credit, deduction, workflows, etc., with rules integrated into the ERP. 
    • Live MIS, up to invoice level, to all stakeholders. Analytics-driven dunning, cash forecasting. 
    • 24x7 Operations support to onboard buyers, provide customer service and SLA monitoring. 
    • AR analytics & insights – DSOs (Days Sales Outstanding), DDO (Days Deduction Outstanding), unapplied cash, payment & reconciliation trends. 

    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are *NOT* required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License.
    However, Platform Services is Required

    Implementation fee + Annual license fee (depending on size of the company / volume of transactions)

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;

    Global PayEX is a US based J.P. Morgan-backed Fintech SaaS that offers AI-driven platform enabling Account Receivables and Account Payables (AP) automation. 
    We enable businesses across industries to:

    • Get Paid Faster & Reduce DSO by 25% - 30%
    • Realize Cost Savings between 20% - 50%
    • Accelerate Revenue by 1.5% - 4.2%
    • Create a Better Customer & Supplier Experience 
    • Achieve a 3X – 10X ROI within 12 Months
    Global PayEX partners with several leading global and regional banks and has customers worldwide, including 3M, GSK, Stanley Black and Decker, Bridgestone, and many more.

    Phone: +1 (203) 970-0228
    Website: https://globalpayex.com/
    Year Founded: 2018
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