• Sage Intacct SaaS Intelligence

    Giving finance teams a single source of the truth for SaaS metrics

  • ​​​​​​​Sage Intacct SaaS Intelligence automatically identifies different SaaS metrics scenarios to provide an accurate representation of client subscription activity and the impact on ARR or CMRR. The application’s intelligent engine can distinguish between different factors driving changes in CMRR, removing the need for manual intervention or additional analysis of transactions, giving finance teams a single source of the truth.

    Key Benefits:

    Sage Intacct SaaS Intelligence enables SaaS and subscription-based business leaders to gain new insight into the most important, yet often most difficult to measure, SaaS and subscription metrics. 

    1. The Intelligence engine categories subscription activity into 20+ categories of recurring revenue (New, Add-on, Uplift, Downgrade, Markdown, Churn, etc.), 30+ KPIs, and 25+ out-of-the-box graphs and reports. 
    2. It is a fully automated solution that automatically analyzes, diagnoses, and categorizes all customer subscription activity occurring within Sage Intacct Order Entry and Sage Intacct Contracts modules.  
    3. SI SaaS Intelligence leverages core Sage Intacct dashboards and reporting features to deliver critical metrics and reports based on the contextualized data produced by the product’s intelligence engine.  
    4. SI SaaS Intelligence is built on the Sage Intacct platform, so it has access to financial data (Cash, Expenses, GAAP Revenue, etc.) straight from the general ledger.  
    5. Therefore, it can blend operational and financial data to calculate the most robust and accurate metrics.

    SaaS Intelligence is designed for B2B or B2B2C SaaS or other non-software subscription-based businesses.

    The core essentials for every SaaS company—from startup to IPO and beyond—to win your market with instant insights from metrics that guide business decisions and prove success to your investors. 

    • 300+ SaaS, subscription, usage, and project billing scenarios, with revenue recognition
    • 200+ investor metrics created up to 80% faster
    • Up and running in as little as 60 days
    • Costing 40% less than buying the tech stack parts separately

    Measure the metrics that matter to investors
    Regardless of your company stage, Sage Intacct helps you measure and monitor the metrics that matter to you and your investors:

    1. In the early stage, it is important to prove your revenue model with metrics such as CLTV, cash-flow, and CAC.
    2. During your growth stage, it is important to show your recurring revenue model is working with net change in CMRR, upsells, renewals, revenue churn, customer churn, NDR, and more.
    3. In the late stage, it is important to demonstrate you’re running a predictable and repeatable business with metrics such as gross margin, profitability, and international currencies.


    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Platform Services

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