• Cash Flow Forecasting Software

    Cash Flow like a pro - the most intuitive and powerful cash flow forecasting app

  • Cash Flow Frog is the most intuitive and powerful cash flow forecasting app.

    Cash Flow Frog integrates and analyze your Sage Intacct accounting data and generates your rolling cash flow forecast.

    The cash flow forecast is based on historical transactions, outstanding bills, invoices, purchase orders and estimates.

    Your data is constantly updated so your cash flow forecast is always up-to-date.

    Key Benefits:

    • Get your cash flow forecast in 1 min - Cash Flow Frog automatically analyzes your Sage Intacct data and generates a real-time rolling cash flow forecast. No financial background or setup is required. Bills, invoices, POs and estimates are integrated into the forecast.
    • Actionable Cash Flow - Plan when to pay bills and which invoices to collect first.
      Simulate the cash impact of what-if cash flow scenarios such as changes in staff, inventory and customers. Consolidate multiple companies into one cash flow.
    • Cash flow like a pro - Track and analyze planned cash flow vs actual cash flow results. Share branded PDF cash flow reports with stakeholders. No more tedious cash flow spreadsheets. Get started with our free trial!

    Cash Flow Frog partnered with Sage Intacct to help you generate rolling cash flow forecasts.

    Cash Flow Frog is powerful, automated cash flow planning software for Sage Intacct. Like most accounting software, Sage Intacct is focused on giving you information about the past. Integrating with Cash Flow Frog lets you create Sage Intacct projections of the future so you can plan smarter.

    To create Sage Intacct cash flow reports:

    • Connect Cash Flow Frog with Sage Intacct
    • Get your cash flow forecast in 1 min
    • No number crunching or data entry. Cash Flow Frog pulls data directly from Sage Intacct without impacting your accounting records.

    Our online, cloud-based app for Sage Intacct makes it easy to:

    • Understand and visualize the health of your business
    • Create cash flow statements and forecasts
    • Share easy-to-read reports with your team and stakeholders
    • Run what-if cash flow scenarios
    • Plan with confidence, knowing how decisions will impact your cash flow
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    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License

    Subscription Plans - Standard or Pro

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United Kingdom; United States;


    Cash Flow Frog is the most intuitive and powerful cash flow forecasting app.
    Cash Flow Frog will help you properly plan your business's cash flow and prepare for different cash flow scenarios and outcomes.
    Connect Sage Intacct and get your forecast instantly. No tedious import processes or manual data entry - your accounting data is automatically pulled and is always up-to-date.

    Phone: (646) 583-2075
    Website: https://cashflowfrog.com/integrations/sage-intacct/
    Year Founded: 2015
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