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    A Digital Workplace that empowers your employees, vendors, and customers to #DoWorkTogether.

  • Omnidek is a No Code workflow platform designed to simplify complex technology stacks inside small to midsize businesses. With a powerful cloud-based accounting platform like Sage Intacct, small businesses can stop looking at third-party solutions for ancillary workflow solutions, and instead begin investing in a business portal. With a portal on the Omnidek platform, a company can easily recreate the same experience as existing third-party programs currently in use and drastically reduce their SaaS burden. The continuous development of these workflows creates a single hub for all work processes for employees to become power users of and extend the value of Intacct to the field, Office, as well as customers and vendors. www.omnidek.com/sage-solutions

    Key Benefits:
    Integration with Sage Intacct Benefits:

    • Build unlimited forms and work processes
    • Seamless integration with Sage Intacct
    • Collaborative chat and approvals
    • Marketplace of 100+ Sage Intacct workflows and process accelerators
    • Reduction in third-party apps by 50%
    • Reduced time to implement new processes by 90%

    Omnidek can be used by All Verticals with focus for Sage Intacct in Construction

    1.    No-Code workflow platform for collecting data, collaboration, and updating Sage Intacct
    2.    Reduction in need of most ISV partners and overall SaaS burden by 50%
    3.    Integrated ECM, ERP, and Communication strategy. 
    4.    Continuous improvement hub easy deployment of new processes. 
    5.    Optimized data collection routines from the field, desktop, or external portals to easily update transactions Sage Intacct. 
    6.    Portal builder to gather data from customers, vendors, and subcontractors for payment applications, compliance, and more. 

    System Requirements:
    To enable this integration, a Sage Intacct Construction Subscription IS required.

    However, Sage Intacct users are not required to purchase their own Sender ID via the Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License.

    starting at $850 monthly

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;


    Omnidek was created in 2017 with the goal to create a new way for businesses to communicate with one another, we call this Business Relationship Management (BRM). The future service-based economy will be led by the Millennial generation who craves open dialogues, high visibility, and self-service opportunity. Omnidek recognized that Email and legacy business apps were too disjointed and disconnected to provide a single-source platform. As we see email phasing out with alternative forms of communication arising, a new frontier is revealed for an application that can properly apply the principles Millennials are yearning for in a business. We believe through Omnidek’s dynamic Business Process Management (BPM) Platform, and social media style architecture with group chat style communication at its center, the software is staged to become the standardized global replacement for business communication.

    Omnidek offers a dream environment for businesses to create their very own private portal environment where they can privately chat about actual business workflows and participate in real-time with their Rolodex of customers, vendors, and business contacts. Unlike email, Omnidek is not governed by generations-old choke points of file attachments and email. Omnidek’s back end is integrated Smart Data allowing for granular visibility, collaboration, and sharing of business data in your private network portal. The impact of this re-imagined business ecosystem is the elimination of the entire idea of administrative functions inside a business. Omnidek for Sage

    Phone: (225) 590-3428
    Website: https://omnidek.com/accounting/
    Year Founded: 2017
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