• RedTeam Flex | Sage Intacct Construction Software Integration

    RedTeam Flex - Construction Management Solution

  • RedTeam Flex is a construction management solution for Sage Intacct integrations used by commercial general contractors and streamlines the conversion from other Sage construction accounting software such as Sage 100 and Sage 300 CRE.

    The RedTeam Flex solution empowers companies to have total project control by addressing three key themes: save time, save money, and reduce risk. RedTeam Flex is an affordable construction management software elevating integrations, communication, decision-making, budget management and cost control from bidding to construction close-out.

    Key Benefits:

    Project Setup  

    • Users can link new RedTeam Flex projects to Sage Intacct by entering a Sage job ID into RedTeam Flex. 
    • Once linked, RedTeam Flex will insert all new customers, vendors, project cost codes, and project cost categories into Sage as required.


    Project Management Features (Offered with RedTeam Flex)

    • Contracting & Change Management: Manage end-to-end negotiations throughout the execution of construction contracts. 
    • Contract Compliance: Track all aspects of construction contract compliance through user-defined "credentials".
    • Lien Law Notices, Waivers & Claims: Manage and accommodate all construction lien law documents.
    • Equipment Management: Capture and manage equipment usage in the field.
    • Work-In-Progress Scheduling: Manage and simplify project estimate at completion (EAC) to accelerate and amplify work-in-progress reporting.
    • Production Metrics: Stay informed. Link and compare observations of progress in the field vs. planned progress.


    Accounting Management (Offered with RedTeam Flex)

    • Vendor Invoicing: Vendor-submitted invoices will forward to Sage Intacct after they are approved in RedTeam Flex. Pull-Back payments associated with linked Vendor Invoices.
    • Accounts Receivable: Customer billing is generated within RedTeam Flex using a schedule of values from the prime contract and all approved change orders. When completed, a progress invoice will be sent to Intacct for receipt of payment, and the payment is brought back into RedTeam Flex.
    • Accounts Payable: After approval, vendor invoices are sent to Sage Intacct for payment. Once payment is completed, the payment receipt will flow back into RedTeam Flex, updating all payable reporting.
    • Job Costing: Any cost applied against a job in Sage Intacct from another source will be swept up and brought into the project budget within RedTeam Flex.

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services
    Sage Intacct Platform Services
    Sage Intacct Construction Module (Projects included)

    Priced by annual construction volume or by unlimited users

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;


    RedTeam Software is a growing construction management software company built by contractors who understand construction. The cloud-based software solutions are designed to help contractors face the day-to-day challenges of commercial construction. The company's suite of construction management solutions features products ranging from jobsite management software to enterprise-level workflow, collaboration and construction management solutions. 

    Phone: (866) 432-2021
    Website: https://redteam.com
    Year Founded: 2006
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