• Premium Bank Feed connection with AccessPay

    The flexible & secure ERP-to-Bank-Integration solution

  • Bank feed connection & automated statement retrievals are the key to unlocking strategic cash flow insights for CFOs and Finance Executives.

    AccessPay are a leading ERP-to-Bank integration provider. We help you fully leverage the Sage Platform by connecting you to all your banks, globally, enabling automated bank statement retrieval. Integrated, automated bank statement retrieval by AccessPay powers bank-reconciliation within the Sage platform, promoting accuracy and efficiency of your financial data and reducing manual intervention.

    Your outcomes from partnering with AccessPay:
    • Streamlined finance operations
    • Increased frequency and improved accuracy of your reconciliation process
    • Reduction of error-based risks

    Key Benefits:

    Try AccessPay’s Premium Bank Feed connection to securely and reliably retrieve up-to-date bank statements from all your banks, globally.

    Key capabilities:
    • Full bank coverage
    • Provides rich statement data
    • Updates daily
    • Official Sage integration
    • Automated risk-averse solution
    • No re-authentication required
    • ISO20022-ready
    AccessPay connects to your banks and accounts via the SWIFT bank network. It works by receiving daily MT messages (MT940) or CAMT.053 format statements from your connected bank accounts. This provides the rich bank statement data required for accurate auto-reconciliation.
    AccessPay instantly transforms this bank data into the correct format, before it is automatically delivered to Sage via API.

    How it works
    To get started, contact AccessPay and request a connection between your bank and Sage Intacct. You'll be working directly with AccessPay during the connection process. After an established connection has been determined, you can connect to a bank feed within Sage Intacct.

    How to connect to your banks via AccessPay:
    1. Sign-up to AccessPay using the Banking Cloud feature in Sage.
    2. Select the first bank you wish to connect to, ‘powered by AccessPay’.
    3. Enter the user credentials provided by AccessPay when prompted to login, to connect Sage to AccessPay.
    4. Instruct your banks. AccessPay provides you with the information your banks require to enable the service. 
    5. If you have multiple bank accounts, use the Multi Account Link Feature within Sage. 
    6. Once complete, and the bank starts sending statement data, you start receiving your bank data in Sage.


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    If you are requesting AccessPay connectivity from within your Sage Intacct Platform, please visit:https://identity.accesspay.com/sage.

    Learn more about the Sage Automated Bank Statement Feeds here.

    System Requirements:
    To enable this integration, simply utilize the Marketplace Partner's Sender ID. Sage Intacct users won't need to purchase their own Sender ID via the Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License for this application.

    There is a fee to use the AccessPay service. This fee is determined by AccessPay

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United Kingdom; United States;

    AccessPay breaks down siloes across finance and treasury applications, helping global businesses solve key challenges around reducing risk and scaling connectivity to key banking partners – automating payments, collections, and bank statement retrievals.

    As experts in corporate-to-bank connectivity and bank data transformation, we help thousands of global businesses establish direct connections between core finance applications and their banks.

    Phone: +44(0)161 250 7778
    Website: https://accesspay.com/solutions/bank-statement-feeds/sage-automated-bank-statement-feeds/
    Year Founded: 2012
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