• Scoro Work Management Software

    Manage projects, finances, resources, and reporting in a single system

  • Integrate Sage Intacct with Scoro’s comprehensive work management system to keep your project and accounting teams in complete sync. Send bills and invoices over to Sage Intacct and see payment updates directly in Scoro. Keep customers, vendors, tax details, and GL accounts in sync between the two systems at all times. Scoro also supports dimension sync to expand reporting options in Sage Intacct and make inter-company billing easier.

    Key Benefits:

    What can Scoro do for you?
    Scoro is a comprehensive work management solution built for agencies, consultancies, and other professional service businesses. With Scoro, you can manage projects, finances, resources, and reporting in a single system. This way, you gain visibility into your business performance and can make data-driven decisions to increase productivity and profitability. You keep your sales, delivery, and finance teams unified and aligned.

    • Manage the entire project lifecycle in a single system – estimate scope, plan projects, track results, issue invoices, and manage project costs.
    • Increase business and project profitability – understand which clients, projects, services, or teams are profitable and which ones eat into your margins.
    • Plan resources and forecast team utilization – balance your team’s workloads to prevent burnout and make proactive decisions on outsourcing or hiring.
    • Track key metrics and KPIs – use customizable reports and dashboards to monitor different aspects of your business in real time, such as productivity, utilization, revenue, cost, profitability, and sales activities.

    Why should you integrate Sage Intacct with Scoro?

    • Unlock new insights into project finances. 
      • Take care of company-wide accounting and reporting in Sage Intacct, but deep dive into project finances in Scoro to understand what drives or hinders your growth. Use Scoro to compare project cost, revenue, and time estimates with actual results. Analyze the profitability of each project down to service level. Use these insights to combat over-servicing, improve budgeting, and tweak pricing.
    • Make invoicing easier for your project team. 
      • Eliminate the need to send manual reports to your accounting team to explain what to invoice and when. Generate invoices directly in Scoro based on confirmed quotes or logged time and occurred expenses.
    • Simplify collaboration between departments. 
      • Do away with back-and-forths between the project and the accounting team. Project managers can create invoices in Scoro and send them out to clients, then sync them with Sage Intacct. Information about payments is synced back to Scoro. Executives can monitor financial data about clients and projects, generate reports, and track key financial metrics directly in Scoro. 
    • Ensure project managers have real-time access to financial information.
      • Have project managers track payments directly from Scoro, so they can help with reminders and be aware of recurring issues. Ensure they have a constant overview of project costs, both internal and external, without having to wait on updates from the accounting team.
    • Reduce errors with automated data exchange.
      • Decide what data is exchanged and how often. Ensure data integrity with an automatic setup. Minimize the risk of human errors and miscommunication by having the systems sync relevant dimensions, tax details, GL accounts, customers, and vendors automatically.

    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License

    Subscription-based pricing model starting from $26 per user. See more at https://www.scoro.com/pricing.

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United Kingdom; United States;

    Scoro provides comprehensive work management software for agencies, consultancies, and other professional service businesses to help them manage all aspects of their projects in a single system. Its goal is to help businesses gain complete visibility into their activities, optimize utilization, standardize operations, boost profitability, and drive growth. 

    Website: https://www.scoro.com/sage-intacct-integration/
    Year Founded: 2013
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