• Stock2Shop - Sage Intacct Online B2B Trade Store integration

    Automatically sync product, inventory, and order data between Sage Intacct and our B2B Trade Store.

  • Key Features:
    Stock2Shop offers a comprehensive solution that seamlessly bridges Sage Intacct and Stock2Shops B2B Trade Store through our pre-built integration. Here are the standout features of this integration:

    Data synchronisation: Automatically sync product data from Sage Intacct to your B2B Trade Store sales channel. This can save you time and money by reducing the amount of data entry required.

    Inventory management: Improve your inventory management by automatically balancing inventory across multiple online sales channels. This can help you to prevent stockouts and ensure that you are always selling at the best price.

    Pricing management: Manage your pricing by automatically syncing base price from Sage Intacct to your Online B2B sales channels. This can help you to ensure that you are always competitive.

    Order management: Manage your ordering process by automatically syncing orders from your Online B2B sales channels to Sage Intacct. This can help you to track orders and ensure that they are processed quickly and efficiently.

    Key Benefits:

    In today's fast-paced ecommerce landscape, seamless integration between platforms is a necessity. By integrating your Sage Intacct accounting system with Stock2Shops online B2B Trade Store Sales Channel via Stock2Shop, businesses achieve a streamlined operational flow, enhancing both productivity and the overall customer experience. Benefits include:

    Reduced data entry: Stock2Shop reduces the amount of data entry required by automatically syncing product data from Sage Intacct to your ecommerce sales channels. This can save you time and money.

    Increased efficiency: Stock2Shop automates many of the tasks involved in running an ecommerce business, such as inventory management, pricing, and order processing. This reduces the reliance on human capital, saving on overheads and/or freeing up employees to focus on other more value add tasks, such as customer service and marketing.

    Improved accuracy: Stock2Shop helps your business improve the accuracy of its inventory and pricing data by minimising the need for manual interventions. This can help to prevent stockouts and ensure that customers are always getting the best prices.

    Enhanced customer experience: Stock2Shop helps your business provide a better experience to your end customers by making it easier to find the products they are looking for, place orders, and track their orders.

    Improved scalability: Stock2Shop enables your business to scale its operations seamlessly by efficiently managing inventory, orders, and pricing across multiple ecommerce sales channels. This scalability allows businesses to handle increasing sales volumes without compromising on accuracy or customer experience.

    For more information or to get in touch with a Stock2Shop sales advisor at +27 21 813 5866


    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License.

    Sage Intacct Advanced Inventory Module

    Setup fee + Tiered Monthly Subscription

    Integration Approved Countries:
    Australia; Canada; United Kingdom; South Africa; United States; South Africa;


    Stock2Shop is an integration service that connects Sage Intacct with B2B and B2C ecommerce sales channels, automatically balancing inventory between multiple online sales channels, managing pricing and generating sales documents, all from the Sage Intacct interface. Stock2Shop puts Sage Intacct in control of your ecommerce platforms for greater efficiency and accuracy.

    Founded in Cape Town in 2001, initially specialising in ecommerce development before in 2016 discovering a need for cost-effective ERP integration that can be implemented quickly. Stock2Shop’s tried and tested solution opens up a line of communication between Sage Intacct and online sales channels, ensuring that customers always see accurate pricing and stock levels. In addition, all ecommerce orders are automatically synced to Sage Intacct as sales orders or invoices.

    Phone: +27218135866
    Website: https://www.stock2shop.com/
    Year Founded: 2001
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