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    Pair the HelloGM platform with Sage Intacct to make your life easier and your hotels more profitable

  • This new integration between Sage Intacct and HelloGM enables access to the centralized data analytics and automation platform trusted by thousands of U.S. hotel owners, operators, and executives. With integrated accounting data, HelloGM empowers you to automate time-consuming tasks such as reports and reconciliations, diminish operator error, and maximize profitability through one integrated platform from any device.

    In addition to your accounting software integration, you can integrate other data sources such as banks, time clocks, and vendor payments to:
    - Enable Labor & Expense Tracking by integrating your time clock
    - Automatically track your expenses by departments and divisions of labor for each day, MTD, and YTD
    - Empower operators with HelloGM's Revenue Management and Rate Shopping System
    - Analyze STR reports, forecast monthly revenue, and maintain a 365-day outlook for what's on the books
    - Digitize your entire Accounts Payable process and customize AP workflows
    - Send checks and secure ACH payments with a single click and zero transaction fees, but without writing, mailing, or waiting.

    Key Benefits:

    • Works with Sage Intacct Accounting Software to automate journaling and bank reconciliations
    • Find all your Sage Intacct data along with other data sources for one or multiple properties in one place
    • Apply Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track cost per occupied rooms and cost as percent of revenue for your entire chart of accounts
    • Gain visibility on Sage Intacct data and compare performance between your hotels to identify variance, errors, and opportunities
    • Analyze your integrated Sage Intacct data with access to a robust suite of tools for contextual analysis
    • Use your chart of accounts to upload and download standardized financial statements
    • Use HelloGM's Multi-Property Dashboard to get the big picture view of your portfolio and compare performance by property
    • Budget smarter, faster, and with more flexibility using the integration
    • Set your own KPIs or adapt uniform industry standards to increase flexibility and maximize revenue for each property

    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License

    Low monthly subscription fees per property include unlimited users and no long term contracts

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;

    As the centralized data analytics and automation platform for thousands of U.S. hotels, HelloGM empowers hospitality operators and executives to automate time-consuming tasks, diminish operator error and maximize profitability through one integrated platform. HelloGM has detected more than $6.1 million in discrepancies since the platform launched and analyzes upwards of $2.4 billion in guest folios annually. Today HelloGM’s user base includes owners, managers, and executives who operate and oversee portfolios ranging 2-120 properties.

    Headlining Features include:

    • Automated Third-party and Bank Reconciliations,
    • Accounts Payable and Payment Processing,
    • Integrated Accounting and Budgeting,
    • Financial Analytics,
    • Digital Night Audit,
    • Automated Journaling,
    • Revenue Management System and Rate Shopping Engine,
    • Guest Sentiment Analysis,
    • Centralized Dashboards for Property and Portfolio users,
    • Labor Budgeting and Time Clock Integrations,
    • Flash Report and Streamlined Reporting,
    • Unlimited Users per Monthly Subscription,
    • Tiered data access to one platform with one login.

    Phone: (801) 845-0708
    Website: https://go.hellogm.com/sage-intacct/
    Year Founded: 2019
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