• Bitwave

    Bitwave is a digital asset management platform. Crypto & NFT accounting, tax, NFT, etc.

  • Bitwave is the first digital asset finance platform designed specifically to manage the intersection of cryptocurrency tax, accounting, and compliance, enabling the financial revolution made possible by cryptocurrency.

    Because of our two-way API integration with Sage Intacct, we can pull in your invoices into Bitwave to seamlessly execute AP & AR in crypto.

    Key Benefits:
    Bitwave integrates with Sage Intacct via API to provide customers the ability to account for their crypto transactions and sync into Sage Intacct.
    Bitwave acts as a sub-ledger which generates journal entries for crypto transactions and pushes them to Sage Intacct.  Bitwave also provides the ability to associate crypto transactions with Invoice/Bill payment and mark them as paid in Sage Intacct.  Bitwave is a complete enterprise digital asset management platform. Wallet management, crypto accounting, tax tools, and more.

    Journaling and Reconciling Crypto Transactions
    Keep your books up to date with our easy workflow for categorizing, journaling, and reconciling crypto and blockchain transactions.
    Then easily sync this info into Sage Intacct. Get your monthly reconciliation work done in a snap with our advanced rules engine which can automatically categorize transactions. 

    Industry-Leading Decentralized Finance
    DeFi is reshaping the financial services industry as we speak, and more than ever robust tooling to support this new industry is required. Bitwave supports DeFi accounting, tax, and ROI monitoring. 

    Crypto Taxes
    Bitwave helps track every crypto transaction, applicable cost basis, and taxable event to help reduce complexity at tax time.

    Crypto Accounting
    Bitwave integrates the blockchain into your accounting system, automating mark-to-market, saving time, and avoiding manual errors.

    Top Verticals
    Crypto Native - Exchanges, Miners, Protocols, NFT Marketplaces, NFT Creators, Token Issuers, etc.
    Financial Institutions - Hedge Funds, Banks, Family Offices, Venture Capital Firms, etc.
    Traditional Commercial - Retail, media, gaming, technology, manufacturing, etc.


    Bitwave Sage Intacct Configuration Guide: https://bitwave.notion.site/Sage-Intacct-Configuration-Guide-64d3df7112964d0ab789f10b1ce3ee06


    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License

    Starting at $500 per month + modular based pricing

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;

    Founded in 2018, Bitwave is the first software platform built specifically for businesses to bring digital assets onto their balance sheet and into their business processes. Bitwave provides cryptocurrency accounting, tax tracking, bookkeeping, DeFi ROI monitoring, and crypto AR/AP all in one simple platform. Reconcile transactions from the blockchain directly into Sage Intacct via our two-way API sync.

    Phone: (904) 252-9512
    Website: https://www.bitwave.io/
    Year Founded: 2018
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