• Way2B1 Family Office Approvals

    Way2B1 is a Digital Family Office Client to simplify complex lives and collaborate.

  • Way2B1 is the first fully encompassing digital Family Office client to host your Domains, task management, and workflow approvals.

    Way2B1 is an integrative platform that streamlines life management for families, organizations, and the teams and professionals who support them. Integrations like Sage Intacct provide seamless management into bookkeeping.

    Our systems help you facilitate decision making, create institutional memory, and ensure the continuity of information across real world domains.

    The Way2B1 Sage Intacct integration facilitates budget management and bill/invoice payment approval within Way2B1 and synchronizes the bill information with Sage Intacct allowing accountants to properly manage bills with reduced data entry.

    Key Benefits:


    Way2B1 integrates with Sage Intacct via API to facilitate budget management and bill payment approval within Way2B1 and synchronize the bill information with Sage Intacct allowing accountants to properly manage bills with reduced data entry.​​​​

    • Reduced Data Entry
    • Time Savings
    • Real Time Payment Status for Non-Accounting Members of Family Office, Individuals, and Businesses
    Way2B1 acts as an approval workflow for sign-off and historical tracking to all billing transactions and pushes them to Sage Intacct. The API provides the reverse ability to associate paid transactions in Sage Intacct to mark them as complete in the Way2B1 platform instantly for owners to stay up to date on payments. We offer a complete personal and family management platform with communication and collaboration built-in.


    Decisions gives families and individuals control of their expenditures, investments, philanthropic goals and more. By consolidating communication, documentation, and due diligence. Decisions brings clarity and efficiency to the workflow approvals and can be sent directly to Sage Intacct for payment and bookkeeping. Families and their teams can securely access critical information to make better decisions together.



    Domains is a digital vault to provide a secure, single point of access to important information across families and their operations. The family’s trusted professionals can collaborate and communicate to keep a variety of information current, organized and accessible from anywhere. Domains integrates with other applications to provide a rich overview of your life.



    Tasks helps teams manage repairs and projects. By utilizing mobile cameras to track day-to-day problems, the app visualizes the reporting, assigning, and verifying of maintenance issues. With Tasks, team members can carry out necessary procedures and communicate their progress to others, all while maintaining the high standards their domains demand.

    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License

    Starting at $495 / month

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;


    Way2B1 was built by a family office for family offices and the complex lives of their clients. Pulling in top engineers from silicon valley we built a platform to ease the pain points for enterprises and their client base.

    Way2B1’s mission is to reduce anxiety for the team and family by aligning trusted contacts with the principal. The security and vertical alignment allows for peace of mind, efficient communication & decision making for the most important aspects of one’s life.

    Phone: (856) 485-9919
    Website: https://www.way2b1.com/
    Year Founded: 2015
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