• Elite POS for Sage Intacct

    The powerful, flexible and scalable Point of Sale solution that integrates with Sage Intacct.

  • Elite’s Sage Intacct POS solution is feature-rich, highly configurable, fast and reliable.

    As you have already invested in, or are looking to implement, Sage Intacct, Elite POS surfaces Intacct customer information (AR Ledger), inventory (products and services), pricing and other Intacct data (such as currencies and taxes) at the point of sale, as opposed to running separate ERP and POS systems/databases that require manual intervention, updating and consolidating.

    POS transactions are posted back into Sage Intacct as they happen or on a timed/batched basis, updating AR Ledger, AP Ledger, Inventory, Banking etc. Reporting can then be handled from Sage Intacct as well as within the Elite solution.

    Our customers use Elite POS across the Africa Middle East region and in the UK/Ireland. Due to the highly configurable nature of our solution, we have customers in general retail, trade counters (builders merchants etc), visitor attractions, airports, farm shops, mail order / telephone order and more; essentially any business that needs to sell and take money face to face or over the telephone.

    Key Benefits:

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    Our POS solution fully integrates with Sage Intacct. Although a standard set of integrations are provided "out of the box", your Sage Intacct partner can also customise and map additional Sage Intacct fields to POS if required.

    Our standard integration provides:
    • Accounts Receivable/Payable
      • Search, select and trade from Sage Intacct AR accounts at the POS
      • Invoices and orders at POS are passed to Sage Intacct immediately, or batched and summarised as required
      • Carry out refunds, returns, exchanges at POS which updates AR and AP as necessary
      • Sage Intacct customer details, terms, limits, balance and turnover reflected on the POS
    • Inventory
      • Sell and return Sage Intacct inventory products and services at the POS
      • View Sage Intacct warehouse stock levels across the company / entity
      • Sell from local branch stock, collect from other locations or arrange shipping
    • Cash Management
      • Take account payments, account refunds and cash withdrawals from POS, which update Sage Intacct bank registers
      • Easily map POS receipt / payment types (including fully integrated card payments) to specific Sage Intacct bank accounts
    • POS Features and Benefits
      • Simple to deploy, learn and operate.  Use on touch screen tills, PCs, laptops or tablets
      • Will run with or without internet connectivity. Trade in any circumstances
      • Powerful and flexible security module ensures users are limited to only the features they need
      • Super-fast searching of customers via wildcard name, code or address
      • Efficiently add items to the basket via barcode, search or hot-keys minimises customer waiting times
      • Automated promotional pricing and multi-buys and Manager price override options
      • Take payment via any method such as cash, card (integrated or standalone), EFT, loyalty and gift card
      • Capture retail customer details for marketing databases, delivery details, loyalty etc
      • Park transactions and provide quotations
      • Sell to cash / retail customers or other AR customers from Sage Intacct
      • Support for price lists from Intacct
      • Print receipt slips, full A4 invoices, collection notes, delivery notes, or send via email
      • Full End of Day cash-up management and reporting
      • Web-based management tools make it simple to view sales dashboards, run reports, create promotions, set-up users and configure the POS functionality
    Additionally, Elite POS has over 600 feature switches that can change the shape of the POS to work in a way that best suits your business. 

    Contact us today for a no obligation discussion and demonstration that is tailored to your own requirements. 

    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License; Order Entry, Inventory Control, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Cash Management.

    Based on number of till points and your region

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United Kingdom; South Africa; South Africa;

    As your business grows, the importance of systems integration grows with it. It’s common for more and more software programs to be added to operations — each working very well in isolation. Unfortunately, integrating these key systems is often overlooked or undervalued. By ignoring systems integration employee time and productivity is wasted on navigating multiple systems, duplicating ongoing admin tasks and merging reports from multiple databases.

    Elite Integrations tackle these issues by providing Sage-integrated EPoS software that is reliable, flexible and intuitive to use. 

    We do things differently to other EPoS software vendors; where their application likely started life as a "standalone" POS system (with its own customers, inventory, pricing, etc) and then attempted to layer on the integrations to the customers' ERP system, Elite POS was designed from the ground up to specifically work alongside and in harmony with Sage Intacct.

    With over 20 years experience in Sage integrated POS solutions ranging across Sage Intacct, 50, 200, 300, 500, 1000 and X3 product lines, Elite and its business partners have unrivalled experience with both Sage and POS to deliver a robust and mature fully integrated POS solution. From a single till/single site through to hundreds of till points across multiple locations, the Elite POS solution is scalable and flexible enough to work in any environment.

    Phone: +44 1933 718518
    Website: https://www.eliteintegrations.com/
    Year Founded: 2015
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