• Torii SaaS Management Platform

    Optimize your SaaS portfolio with Torii: Discover Every App. Enhance ROI. Streamline Operations.

  • Torii is the world’s only Distributed SaaS Management Platform built for the new digital workplace where anyone can sign up for apps and everyone needs to stay in perfect sync. Unlike other tools, Torii’s complete SaaS management platform discovers new app signups as soon as they occur, unifies actionable user, spend and app insights, recommends cost-saving actions, and empowers cross-functional teams with fully automated and highly customizable workflows. Torii’s customers eliminate millions of dollars in wasted spend, automate hundreds of hours of manual tasks, and protect their sensitive data with instant Shadow IT discovery and risk insights. Torii is a great fit for companies looking to maximize the ROI they see from their SaaS stack.

    Key Benefits:

    Make managing your SaaS a breeze with Torii’s time and cost-saving features: 

    • Discover & Manage Every Expense: Instantly gain a single, actionable view of every app, license, and SaaS expense from across your organization. Stay in the know with automatic alerts for new SaaS spend and application adoption. Sage Intacct and Torii joint customers will be able to connect and easily manage the expenses for their SaaS stack in the context of app and license usage.
    • User and License Monitoring: Understand which apps are used the most and by who with a unified view of application users, licenses, and usage. 
    • Cut Spend and Drive SaaS ROI: Leverage cost-saving insights and recommendations to instantly reclaim, downgrade, and deprovision licenses with a click of a button. Save big with automatic alerts for abandoned and redundant apps. Sage Intacct and Torii joint customers will benefit from a comprehensive array of cost-saving actions and automations to maximize the ROI they're seeing from their SaaS stack.
    • Data-Driven Renewals: Only pay for what you need. Right-size renewals and eliminate redundant tech with side-by-side app comparisons, a dynamic renewal calendar, license benchmarking, automatic alerts/notifications, and more.
    • Fully Automated and Highly Customizable Workflows: Automate key SaaS management processes with out-of-the-box and/or easily customizable actions, triggers, and workflows. 
    • Risk Detection: Analyze and act on SaaS security threats with detailed risk profiles for key applications. 
    • Enhanced Collaboration: Empower every SaaS stakeholder and streamline operations with robust IT,  Procurement, Finance, App Owner, and App Admin roles, actions, and permissions. 


    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License

    subscription based

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;

    Torii was founded to address the needs of Modern IT
    With the rapidly growing number of SaaS solutions on the market every day, and access to those SaaS apps just a click away, managing today’s modern IT becomes an even bigger challenge. SaaS adoption is a positive trend. It allows people throughout the organization to adapt technology and drive the business forward. Yet, this results in decentralized IT - today more than ever.

    Website: https://www.toriihq.com/integrations
    Year Founded: 2017
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