• hh2 Remote Payroll – Time & Attendance for Sage Intacct Payroll

    Cloud-based time and attendance software that synchronizes with Sage Intacct Construction Payroll.

  • hh2 Remote Payroll’s integration with Sage Intacct Payroll allows all accounting data required for time tracking and attendance to sync to hh2. Using hh2 Remote Payroll, the customer enters labor hours for time and equipment using the multiple time entry methods available. Time is coded and sent through customized approval paths with as many approvers and approver types as needed. The time is exported from hh2 Cloud Services and imported directly into Sage Intacct Payroll for payroll processing. Customers with Sage Intacct Time and Expense (T&E) can have the data sync over for T&E Billing.

    Key Benefits:

    Seamless Integration with Sage Intacct.
    Keep your data in sync with Sage Intacct, ensuring that every employee, job, and code is accurate within payroll.

    • Use the strongest accounting integration in the construction industry
    • Keep all accounting data secure and synchronized
    • Automate synchronization schedule
    • Implement fast with an experienced team to back you up

    Enter time your way.
    Code and enter labor hours for employees and equipment, with flexible time entry methods to fit your management style.
    • View and enter crew time for the day
    • Enter time for an individual employee for a week
    • Use record-based entry for job-hopping employees
    • Associate time entered for employees with equipment

    Approve production hours anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
    Put time and attendance records in front of every stakeholder that needs to see, report on, and/or approve.
    • Create custom time approval paths with as many stakeholders as you need
    • Assign active and passive approval roles in your paths
    • Create reporting roles for employees who need to access the labor data
    • Roles can be created automatically based on data in accounting

    Sync time records with accounting.
    Once the time and attendance data have been coded and approved, sync directly with Sage Intacct Payroll.
    • Sync time and attendance data directly into Sage Intacct with the push of a button
    • Synced time entries cannot be adjusted without rolling back the sync
    • Lock previous pay periods to prevent additional entries
    • Run reports on payroll data using multiple reporting options

    hh2 has so much more to offer.
    Remote Payroll offers so many features. You can sign up for a demonstration to find out why hh2 offers the best construction timesheet solution available today.

    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License;

    Sage Intacct CRE
    Sage Intacct Payroll for CRE

    Starting at $259/mo. with Annual Contract

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;

    After nearly two decades, hh2 Cloud Services® continues to advance cloud-based services for construction companies. hh2 offers point solutions for time entry, punch clock, invoice routing & approval, credit card transaction coding, reimbursements, human resources, daily logs, service management, data aggregation, and pay stubs. hh2 also provides robust integration for construction accounting systems with the Universal Construction Model® (UCM®).

    Phone: (877) 442-9327
    Website: https://www.hh2.com/
    Year Founded: 2004
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