• Zudello the Intelligent Automation Platform

    Transform AP & AR with accurate extraction, dynamic approvals & simplified accounting processes

  • Zudello provides a comprehensive AP and AR automation platform for single and multi-entity organisations looking to improve the efficiency of their finance operations. No matter how many entities you manage, Zudello seamlessly integrates with Sage Intacct to automate the data extraction, approval, and processing of documents. These include Stock and Service PO’s, Fulfilment and Shipments, AP Bills and Vendor invoices, Statements and Sales Orders, massively reducing the manual data entry that is typical.

    After extracting your documents, Zudello sends transactions with line level detail to Sage Intacct. This provides you with a more granular analysis of your purchasing and sales operations to enable data-driven decision making.

    Zudello outpaces the competition with its intelligent document capture, streamlined inventory management and the accommodation of Sage Intacct dimensions, custom transaction types and custom fields. In addition the ease of multi-entity management and inter-company transfers coupled with automated, end-to-end procurement processes offer significant business advantages for all Sage Intacct customers.

    Key Benefits:

    The real benefits? Up-to-date financial reporting! Gain instant visibility of your cash flow and improve data integrity, Zudello ensures your two systems are always in sync and Sage Intacct has accessible, up to date information to drive informed decision making and accelerate business growth.

    1. Procurement efficiency. Efficiently manage your end-to-end procurement processes. Zudello automates every stage, from PO to delivery through to invoice to statement. Zudello sends inventory and line item transaction data back to Sage Intacct for real-time spend analysis and up to date reporting.
    2. Automate data extraction. Process documents faster and more accurately than any human can. Zudello minimises data entry errors, reduces fraud risk and improves real-time compliance by sending accurate data to Sage Intacct for analysis. 
    3. Integrated AP and AR operations- Automatically create PO’s to fulfil customer orders, process intercompany transfers or create a sales invoice from goods invoiced by your suppliers. Zudello keeps both sides of your finance operations in sync while integrating with Sage Intacct throughout.
    4. Multi-entity simplicity - Centralise AP and AR processes for any number of entities with a single login. Zudello’s multi-entity management delivers transparency across your entities while supporting entity regulatory needs for improved reporting.
    5. Reconcile faster. Reconcile supplier statements to transactions in Sage Intacct. Instantly identify missing transactions and errors for efficient resolution. Zudello enables you to close your books faster while always maintaining Sage Intacct as your system of truth.

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web-Services

    Tiered pricing based on the number of documents processed

    Integration Approved Countries:


    Zudello is a young, fast-growing company, founded in 2018.

    Zudello offers small and mid-sized businesses a new and unique method of automating AP, purchasing and inventory processes. Our Intelligent Document Processing Platform utilises Artificial Intelligence to extract data efficiently and enables end-to-end automation of business processes. 

    The Zudello Platform intelligently enables you to do business your way, ensuring no double entry for data and offering massive efficiency and accuracy gains as well as simple end-to-end process automation.

    Website: zudello.com
    Year Founded: 2018
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