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    Backbone helps you track and visualize data from your unique supply chain. Empower your operation to

  • Backbone is a next-generation supply chain software company that helps customers virtualize their supply chain assets, track inventory, optimize costs, and meet compliance requirements. Backbone’s configurable supply chain management platform was built for the most regulated sectors in the world, the cannabis and hemp industries.

    Key Benefits:

    Backbone software provides real-time inventory and production tracking while simplifying industry-specific compliance requirements and financial reporting. With Backbone, you can track production compliance, cost of goods sold, yields, and audit reporting data in real-time.
    Integrated with Sage Intacct: Backbone seamlessly integrates with Sage Intacct to provide the critical link between Operations and Finance. Manage the entire landscape of your finance operations with real-time data and improve efficiency and accuracy like never before.

    1. Seamless integration of purchases and sales, including COGS, using item dimensions to facilitate reporting.
    2. Tracks your inventory value during production, posting Ins and Outs during a run so you always know what’s in WIP, and what’s in inventory assets. 
    3. Post adjustments, other costs, and direct labor using specific transaction definitions that can be modeled exactly how you need them to be.

    Designed for Cannabis and Hemp Operators: Backbone helps operators track and visualize data from their unique supply chain. Empower your operation to make data-driven decisions and stay compliant. The time has come to streamline your cannabis supply chain and unearth your data.

    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License;
    Purchasing and Order Entry modules with Advanced workflow.

    Dependent on facility/business application and hardware.

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United Kingdom; United States;


    Backbone is configurable supply chain management software. Backbone software automates and simplifies compliance, financials, and inventory tracking that empowers operators with end-to-end traceability, and a foundation for data-driven decision making. With an intuitive browser-based interface, Backbone is an essential supply chain management solution for any manufacturer globally. 

    Phone: (650) 385-8151
    Website: https://backboneiq.com/integrations/sage-intacct/
    Year Founded: 2017
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