• Auditoria.AI - SmartBots for AP & AR Automation

    Remove friction and repetition with AI SmartBots that manage workflows and communications

  • Auditoria.AI increases finance teams’ speed, accuracy, and efficiency using intelligent SmartBots to automate redundant and repetitive accounts payable and receivable processes. Purpose-built for finance, with next-gen advanced AI tech, Auditoria integrates with your systems of record to streamline and automate your collections, add controls to your procurement spend, optimize vendor management and handle helpdesk inquiries using automation.

    Key Benefits:
    Powerful and Intelligent Engagement For Sage Intacct

    Auditoria.AI increases the speed and accuracy of finance teams with powerful SmartFlow Skills executed through SmartBots to automate, analyze, audit, and collaborate across the modern finance organization.

    Built with the next generation in advanced technologies, Auditoria’s SmartBots use powerful natural language processing, cognitive robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence to automate vendor onboarding, vendor management, accruals, collections, and audit readiness, making finance and accounting teams more agile and accurate than ever before.

    Using computer vision advanced optical character recognition and natural language understanding technologies, Auditoria.AI reads, matches, and stores evidentiary data 100X faster and more comprehensively than people-based techniques, making your company more efficient than ever while reducing high monthly costs.

    Powering Modern Finance Teams

    Auditoria helps Sage Intacct finance and accounting teams by accelerating the delivery of key financial insights, assisting in rapid decision making, reducing DSO, and automating repetitive, error-prone manual tasks.

    Use Your Finance Degree Instead of Learning to Code

    Auditoria’s digital assistant SmartBots are easy to configure with an intuitive interface, allowing you to manage and execute workflows in half the time it takes other software to be implemented and functional.

    1. Achieve > 60% productivity improvements across your finance back-office functions
    2. Recover 1000s of hours for your AP, AR, and procurement teams
    3. Reduce Days Sales Outstanding by > 15%
    4. Reduce past-due AR by 75%
    5. Reduce bad-debt write-off by 35%
    6. Improve vendor serviceability by > 75%
    7. Minimize vendor risk and fraud by > 50%
    8. Maintain 100% compliance with vendor tax records

    Enterprise Integrations and Security
    Connect an Auditoria tenant to your existing Sage Intacct, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace and other applications in your back office using simple, secure, and hardened APIs.
    Feel safe and secure with comprehensive access control, end-to-end encryption for data at rest/data in motion, threat protection, vulnerability management, and breach prevention.

    Automate Order to Cash with Autonomous Collections
    Auditoria’s Intelligent Bots are trained to understand intent and sentiment using Natural Language Processing (NLP). These bots act as a junior collections analyst to transform your manual dunning processes into a super-charged, highly-targeted automated omni-directional correspondence machine. 
    With the ability to intelligently classify more than a dozen payer types such as fast payers, slow payers, at-risk accounts, strategic accounts, government agencies, and resellers, these junior assistant bots engage, collaborate, and ensure up-to-date information to make your Collections workflows run faster and more accurately. 
    The net result is a dramatic reduction in your A/R balances and bad-debt write-offs.

    Automate Procure to Pay with Autonomous Vendor Management and Helpdesk
    Auditoria’s Intelligent Bots are trained to understand intent and sentiment using Natural Language Processing (NLP). These bots act as a junior analyst to turn your vendor management processes into a supercharged, highly-targeted automated omni-directional correspondence machine. 
    Intelligently engage vendors to retrieve data and rapidly onboard them, prepare journal entries from invoice estimates, and accurately address inquiries coming into your AP teams.
    Auditoria streamlines repetitive tasks, executes vendor-related actions with precision, and accelerates your Vendor Management workflows.  
    The net result is improved vendor serviceability, lowered vendor risk, and ongoing sustained compliance.

    AP - Autonomous Vendor and Invoice Management
    • SmartFlow AP Skill - Vendor Onboarding
    • SmartFlow AP Skill - Vendor Invoice Data Extraction
    • SmartFlow AP Skill - Vendor W-9 Data Refresh
    • SmartFlow AP Skill - Omni-Directional Helpdesk
    • SmartFlow AP Skill - Invoice Accrual

    AR - Autonomous Collections Management
    • Smartflow Collections Skill - Courtesy Notices And Dunning
    • Smartflow Collections Skill - Omni-directional Correspondence
    • Smartflow Collections Skill - Intelligent Account Classification
    • Smartflow Collections Skill - Dynamic Prioritized Worklist
    • Smartflow Collections Skill - Intelligent Information Extraction
    • Smartflow Collections Skill - Collections Metrics and KPIs
    • Smartflow Collections Skill - Dispute Detection and Escalation


    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License

    Tiered license subscription pricing

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;

    Supercharge Your Sage Intacct System

    • For modern revenue accounting teams, Auditoria accelerates collections processes and improves cash performance with simple, bi-directional dunning, integrated AR helpdesk to handle incoming requests & disputes, and automated metrics tracking and reporting. 
    • For CFOs who care about value protection (cost, efficiency, productivity, risk management) and value creation (revenue and margin growth), Auditoria offers a simple, fast and safe digital platform for automating manual accounting tasks while improving KPIs around cash performance. 
    • For modern Controllers looking to transform and automate their shared services functions, Auditoria offers the fastest time-to-value by delivering intelligent, automated accounting (AR, AP, and GL) workflows pre-built and certified for Sage Intacct.
    Get more out of Sage Intacct with Auditoria!

    Phone: (+1) 408.889.1500
    Website: http://www.auditoria.ai
    Year Founded: 2019
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