• Workflow AnyWare

    Low-Code/No-Code Business Process Automation Platform. Since 1998. 1 Million+ Users

  • Workflow AnyWare is a low-code/no-code business process automation platform that can convert any business procedure into an audited, tracked and moving workflow through company supervision or management. Some applications:
    1. Contract Management: Create your contract, send to approvals, and attribute it to your vendor
    2. Accounts Payable (AP) Automation: Streamline billing processes and eliminate double entry
    3. Purchase Order (PO) Automation: Issue purchase orders to customers and suppliers with ease
    4. Change Mng, Root Cause and A3 Analysis &VOC: Manage administrative& engineering change digitally. Manage root cause analysis digitally.
    5. erpcannabis: Manage business processes digitally in cannabis industry.
    6. Product Lifecycle Mng

    Workflow AnyWare Moves business processes to an electronic environment rapidly and creates a process based structure in the organization. Thanks to drag & drop technology of Workflow AnyWare, you can perform rapid business process development. With its graphical web user interface and mobile apps, you can build apps wherever you are to optimize processes within a specific department or corporation-wide.

    Key Benefits:


    WorkFlow AnyWare Platform has been in the market since 1998. It has 1 Million+ professional users.There are more than 50,000 business processes running on the platform. WorkFlow AnyWare is scalable, proven, reliable, flexible and easy to use.

    Some National & International reputable corporate customers of WorkFlow AnyWare are as follows; 3M, Astra Zenaca, Bridgestone, Ford, International Paper, United Nations, VFW and many more reputable corporations, institutions and organizations.

    Born as an enterprise workflow platform in 1998, now WorkFlow AnyWare is available for Sage Intacct Ecosystem.

    Benefits (What is in it for you?)

    1. Better resource control
    2. Save Time & Money
    3. Corporate Memory for Business Continuity
    4. Performance Measurement
    WorkFlow AnyWare has 4 modules:
    1. WorkFlow Management Module
    2. Document/Record Management Module
    3. Capture Module
    4. Executive Dashboard Module
    Web & Mobile User Interface
    • Web graphical user interface supports multi- language entry
    • For login Active Directory, IP authentication or similar methodologies are used
    • LDAP Single sign-on is supported
    • According the user profile users can access the process that can be customized
    • Menu on each user profile is automatically generated by the system.
    Document Management
    • Provides fast and secure access to structured and unstructured data. Includes version control, access control, notifications, approval workflows, embedded file viewer support, collaboration, enterprise archiving and more.
    Document Management Module Features
    • EDMS meets standard requirements
    • Search function of scanned documents or images that contain text
    • Integrated into the WorkFlow Management System
    • Makes digital archiving and access authority-based filing
    Record Management
    • Manages and automates the retention and removal of content to comply with regulations and policies.
    File Capture and Dashboard
    • Captures and digitizes any type of document from any location
    • Generates a visual report of your activities on a visual dashboard
    OCR Capture Module Features
    • Rapid transfer of documents into electronic form
    • Easy classification of documents
    • Captured data are transferred to DM and other operational systems
    • Increases the efficiency of archiving team and measures the performance
    • Prevents non-standard scanning and document occurrence
    Personalized Dashboard and Widgets
    Dashboard Module Features
    • Dashboard’s designer tool provides personalized visualization
    • Can receive and display data from any environment with the support of the API
    • Advanced widgets and includes geographic graphics imaging media
    • Offers defined real-time key performance indicators
    • WorkFlow module can be quickly commissioned as the start page
    List of Applications Powered by WorkFlow AnyWare:

    1. Contract Management Application: Create your contract, send to approvals, and attribute it to your vendor.

    2. Accounts Payable (AP) Automation Application: Streamline billing processes and eliminate double entry.

    3. Purchase Order (PO) Automation Application: Issue purchase orders to customers and suppliers with ease.

    4. Change Management, Root Cause Analysis, A3 Analysis & Voice of the Customer Application: Manage administrative& engineering change digitally. Manage root cause analysis digitally.

    5. erpcannabis Application: Manage business processes digitally in cannabis industry.

    6. Product Lifecycle Management Application: Manage your products' lifetime digitally.

    7.Expense Management Application: Manage your expense receipts and reimbursement digitally.

    8.Performance Management Application: Individual employee task assignment and performance management.

    9.Travel and Trade Show Management Application: Manage trade show preparation and details digitally.

    10.Quality Control & Corrective Action Application: Manage quality control operations and lab test results digitally.



    WFA is vertical free. You can enjoy the benefits of WFA in any industry as follows:

    • Aerospace & Defense,
    • Aviation,
    • Automotive,
    • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance,
    • Cannabis,
    • Chemical,
    • Construction,
    • Distribution, eCommerce & Wholesale,
    • Energy, Oil & Gas,
    • Food & Beverage,
    • Healthcare,
    • Hospitals & Clinics,
    • Hospitality & Tourism,
    • Import/Export,
    • Life Sciences,
    • Logistics,
    • Manufacturing,
    • Marine,
    • Medical Device,
    • Mining & Metallurgy,
    • Not-For-Profit,
    • Packaging,
    • Pharma,
    • Professional Services,
    • Public sector & Public Asset Management,
    • Retail,
    • Technology,
    • Transportation and many more.


    WFA has the latest technology and it can integrate with many different modern software systems. 

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Platform Services;

    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License

    Base subscription $4000/year for up to 5 users + development if needed

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;

    Anyware Apps are Sage integrated and standalone applications to help optimize business processes, eliminating physical paperwork and manual entry, and enabling remote collaboration.

    Phone: (800) 352-4032
    Website: http://anywareapps.com
    Year Founded: 1987
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