• Fyle

    The new standard in business expense management with a deep integration with Sage Intacct.

  • Fyle has defined a new standard in business expense management, one that revolves around ensuring the best employee experience, simple and powerful controls for approvers and finance teams.

    Key Benefits:

    Why Employees love Fyle: 
    Fyle delivers a differentiated employee experience inside every day applications, that reduces the need for user discipline or complex training, that helps enterprises get better and faster visibility into spend.

    Why Finance and accounting teams love Fyle: 
    Improved employee experience results in better compliance for enterprises, with a real-time visibility and understanding of spend information. Fyle enterprise suite delivers a best in class platform that accelerates the path to digital transformation, the consumer grade experience for employees ensures rapid adoption and faster return on investment.

    With the Fyle + Sage Intacct integration you can expect : 

    • Seamless sync of multiple dimensions across Fyle and Intact like Employees/ Vendors, Expense reports, Bills, Expense Types, GL accounts, Projects, Cost centers, Locations, Departments 
    • Manage corporate card, Pre-spend approvals and out of pocket expenses separately and automatic reporting.
    • Ability to sync expense reports from Fyle as expense reports or Bills into Sage Intacct.

    Key Features
    1. Time saved across the organisation - Fyle eliminates manual work at every step of the process. For employees, Fyle returns an average of 90 minutes per month and saves a minimum of 20 hours for accountants for every 50 expense reports processed. 
    2. Effortless expense tracking - Employees spend a lot of time on everyday apps, Fyle makes it easy to submit expenses without leaving any of them. Some of the ways in which employees can submit expenses with a single click - GSuite, Office 365, iOS, Android, Slack, WhatsApp, Text messaging, Dropbox, Bulk upload receipts.
    3. Intelligent OCR - Real-time data extraction of expense data from digital or paper receipt, delivered across all Fyle apps.
    4. Automated credit card reconciliation with smart reminders  - Integrate with your Visa, Mastercard, Discover or Amex corporate cards to ensure automatic matching, faster reconciliation with always on visibility into status of matched / unmatched expense. Fyle automatically reminds users to submit receipts for pending transactions, while providing visibility to accounting teams on the consolidated card dashboard. 
    5. Real-time Policy checks - AI powered policy engine that checks for exceptions before the expense is submitted - reducing back and forth and increasing context on the exception.
    6. Advanced reporting and Analytics – Highly customizable reporting with options to save templates and scheduling. Get never before seen visibility into your spend data with rich analytics that helps you uncover business insights, understand risks and articulate operational efficiencies in a single view.
    7. Comprehensive integration ensuring accuracy and reduction of manual work - Fyle integrates with Sage Intacct to ensure seamless updating of expense data into Sage Intacct in a manner where they are ready for payment. Mapping against Expense types, GL Account , projects, location and department are possible.Users will be able to export expense reports from Fyle as expense reports into Sage Intacct. Users will be able to export expense reports as Bills also into Sage Intacct.

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web services. Support for all major browsers, Android, IOS

    $8.99/ month per active user

    Operating Countries:
    United States;


    Founded in 2016, Fyle is a new age expense management solution growing rapidly across the US and 20+ countries. Fyle takes a radically different approach by delivering expense tracking inside everyday applications like GSuite, O 365, Slack, and WhatsApp. All this while also automating the process of verification, risk detection, and approvals for the company. 

    Fyle is built to empower millions of SMB and Mid-market customers across the globe by automating every step of the process. With Fyle, Enterprises get real-time visibility, and control over all kinds of employee spend without any human effort. The software is used by over 250,000 users worldwide and is rated as one of the top 10 expense management solutions in the US. Fyle is funded by marquee investors like Tiger Global Management, Steadview Capital, Freshworks, Pravega Ventures, Beenext, and Recruit Holdings.

    Phone: (+1) 650 318 5228
    Website: http://www.fylehq.com
    Year Founded: 2016
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