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    Powerful Time-Saving Integration of Best-in-Class Payroll and Financial Software

  • Inova is an employer services company, integrating payroll and HR technology and support with Sage Intacct to create a total business solution for employers. Our team supports over 5,500 businesses and 250,000+ employees in the U.S. with 9 offices across all time zones.

    Through our partnership with Sage, Inova offers a time-saving integration of best-in-class payroll and financial software for HR and accounting professionals to save time, improve accuracy, and ensure critical labor data is conveniently available in Sage Intacct.

    Key Benefits:

    Track labor costs, time entries and expenses exactly where you need them

    • Eliminate downloading/uploading of payroll reports for GL posting each pay period.
    • Save time with automatic syncing of dimensions from Sage Intacct, creating matching cost centers in payroll, where employees can clock in using the right location, department, project, and/or task.
    • Improve accuracy with real-time employee data from Inova HCM to Sage Intacct for accurate allocation of labor expenses.
    • Facilitate billable hours invoicing with employee time entries directly available in Sage Intacct.
    • Consolidate and summarize payroll journal entries by cost center before syncing with Sage Intacct, eliminating the need to reconcile transactions.
    • Manage expense reimbursements with expense data from Sage Intacct to Inova HCM for reimbursement through payroll.
    • Increase expense tracking transparency with the option to drill into expense entries down to the employee level.

    Human Capital Management Services 

    • Cloud-based, single database technology for convenient payroll processing and tax filing, W-2s and 1099s
    • Live help from Inova’s dedicated support team
    • Time and Labor Management 
    • Recruiting and applicant tracking
    • Electronic onboarding with checklists, reminders, and E-Verify integration
    • Online benefits enrollment
    • Employee and manager self service via mobile app, desktop or tablet
    • Learning Management 
    • Business Intelligence and Analytics 
    • Certified Payroll, Prevailing Wage Calculations, and Union Reporting 

    Inova's API integration seamlessly syncs labor cost center and employee profile data to Sage Intacct Dimensions.

    - Sync all levels of Sage Intacct Dimensions locations, departments, projects, and tasks into Inova HCM
    - Automatic or push-button posting of the payroll journal to Sage Intacct
    - Sync of employee information from Inova to Sage Intacct, with Inova acting as the system of record
    - Sync of time entries from Inova to Sage Intacct (billable hours for invoicing)
    - Sync of unpaid expense reports from Sage Intacct into payroll with appropriate payment record generated in Sage Intacct

    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License

    Based on employee count

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;


    Streamline Reporting, Improve Accuracy, and Eliminate Extra Work 

    Inova is a Certified Marketplace Partner for Sage Intacct and a Sage Technology Partner. Our partnership offers a time-saving integration of best-in-class payroll and financial software made for HR and accounting pros to ensure labor costs, time entries, and expenses are tracked exactly where you need them in Sage Intacct. Inova’s integration with Sage Intacct is automated, and improves reporting accuracy providing our clients with increased customer success, satisfaction, and retention.   

    Key Features:

    • Payroll Processing & Tax Filing - timely, accurate and compliant payroll processing and tax filing
    • Human Resources Technology – automate routine tasks to improve efficiency 
    • Recruiting & Onboarding - streamline and optimize recruiting and hiring processes
    • Employee Engagement - Drive action and alignment and continuously measure impact 
    • Benefits Administration – simplify benefit enrollment and ongoing administration 
    • Learning Management – train your team to maximize compliance and understanding 
    • Time & Labor Management – reduce errors, fraud and maximize efficiency 
    • Reporting and Analytics – use people analytics for improved profitability and decision-making 
    • HR Assist – maximize the efficiency and broaden functionality of your HR staff 
    • Inova Benefits Brokerage – consolidate employer benefits for cost savings and improved reporting 

    Inova is a national employer services company integrating payroll and HR technology and support with Sage Intacct to create a total business solution for companies of all sizes.  With our fully-integrated, cloud-based HCM platform, you'll improve efficiency, accuracy and visibility into your employee data, make better decisions, increase employee engagement and retention, and ensure greater compliance.   

    Top reasons to choose Inova 

    • UKG Ready's Largest Service Bureau Partner 
    • Unified Platform to automate and streamline processes
    • Dedicated Support Rep for one-on-one support and guidance 
    • Open API for more integration flexibility and productivity 
    • Trusted by 5,500+ clients means you can rely on our expertise 
    • 40+ Implementation Experts to ensure a smooth transition

    Phone: (888) 244-6106
    Website: https://inovapayroll.com/
    Year Founded: 2011
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