• The Saltbox Platform

    Integration platform as a service (iPaaS): Connect systems, synch data, automate processes

  • Sage Intacct offers a simple, native connection service to many related solutions, including Avalara, ADP, and American Express, but many Intacct customers have integration and automation needs that extend to other applications. Point-to-point integration tools address limited use cases and don't support strategic corporate objectives. Integration platforms-as-a-service have been inaccessible for emerging and midmarket companies until now. Introducing The Saltbox Platform. Saltbox is an enterprise-class, low-code iPaaS solution that empowers companies to integrate, unify, and streamline business operations, accelerating automation initiatives and increasing the ROI of their data and existing technology investments. Saltbox seamlessly integrates Sage Intacct with other mission-critical applications, empowering IT and business stakeholders to replace point-to-point solutions, error-prone manual processes, and data management efforts with powerful data synchronization and automated workflows. Born in the cloud, Saltbox flexes, scales, and evolves with your business - a true strategic partner.

    Key Benefits:

    Key Features and Benefits

    Do more. Faster.
    • Accelerate time to market for new integrations and workflows 
    • Extend the functionality (and ROI) of your existing technology investments 
    • Boost productivity and eliminate costly mistakes 
    • Make more confident, better business decisions 
    • Enhance data integrity 
    • Reduce capital expenditures and operating expenses by consolidating integration tools 
    • Reduce reliance and burden on IT staff so they can focus on strategic initiatives 
    • Spot and resolve workflow issues faster 

    Eliminate complexity, reduce costs, easy to use 
    • Priced for growing and midmarket companies 
    • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), CapEx, and OpEx with a single platform 
    • Easily collaborate on projects with consultants, developers, and line of business stakeholders via a simple, easy-to-use, drag and drop interface 
    • Get as much, or as little support as you need from integration experts 
    • Supported 24 x 7 by Vision 33’s Total Care team 
    • Flexible deployment options—on premises, on cloud and hybrid 

    End-to-end visibility, infinite endpoints, total control
    • Integrate with any application, data set or business process whether on cloud or on premises including proprietary and legacy technologies 
    • Create bi-directional automations between unlimited systems and endpoints  
    • Build new or customize existing integrations and workflows to address any business scenario 
    • Easily add, remove, or update business systems without "breaking” integrations 
    • Synchronize data and visualize workflows across your entire tech stack  
    • Instantly visualize workflow status and transaction volume 
    • Quickly spot, diagnose, and resolve failed transactions and workflows with proactive monitoring, alerts and error tracing 
    • Validate the efficacy of new or revised workflows before going live  
    • Engage stakeholders in critical decisions by adding human checkpoints to any automation 
    • Easily collaborate, track changes by user, and restore prior versions of any integration or workflow  
    • Easily move projects between development environments to expedite integration work 

    View the complete library of Saltbox Connectors here: https://www.saltbox.io/saltbox-connectors

    Prevent operational disruption
    • Deploy anywhere and connect to anything, anywhere 
    • Powered by AWS, Saltbox scales up and down to support seasonal traffic loads 
    • Change, add or remove applications with ease 
    • Reduce system traffic and increase performance with application webhooks 

    No need to compromise
    • Trust that your integrations and data are secure with SOC2 compliance 
    • Powered by AWS 
    • Drag and drop data fields to map them between systems and convert their data to the right formats 
    • Synchronize data across business systems to improve data integrity 
    • Consistently encrypt and apply data governance practices across your business 


    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users must purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services Developer License.

    Starts at $300 per month

    Integration Approved Countries:
    Canada; United Kingdom; United States;


    For over 25 years, Vision33 has transformed business processes for customers by delivering value through the promise of technology and its benefits for growing businesses. 

    As a trusted Sage Intacct partner and Sage Platinum Club winner with hundreds of successful Sage Intacct implementations, we love helping organizations embrace the power of cloud financials. 

    Vision33 knows Sage Intacct inside and out. Unmatched product expertise is accompanied by exclusive integration and automation solutions that equip us to address a diverse range of business requirements, making us the best long-term partner for your success. 

    With a global team of certified consultants, Vision33 supports you well beyond go-live with dedicated service excellence, customer success, and world-class support departments.   

    Ready to transform your accounting frustrations into mission success and strategic growth? 

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