• Automated Restaurant POS & AP Solution

    Restaurant POS & AP Automation; Food Costing; Inventory; Daily P&L

  • MarginEdge offers the only restaurant management platform suite of tools that fully eliminates data entry tasks, giving restaurant managers deep insight into daily operations without the paperwork headache.

    Key Benefits:

    • Increase profits by making operational decisions based on real-time information
    • Save time and money by eliminating manual data entry
    • Streamline bookkeeping/accounting by automating entries to Sage Intacct

    Primary Features:

    • Seamless transfer of POS data
    • Automated invoice management
    • Daily P&L
    • Food and beverage costing
    • Inventory
    • One-click ordering and bill pay

    How It Works:

    You Take Pics
    Your team takes pics of purchase invoices and receipts using our mobile app. No more data entry, no more paper storage. You can access a digital copy of any invoice, anytime from a screen.

    We Turn Pics into Pricing
    With computer wizardry and human brainpower, we process everything you send within 24 hours, so all item-level detail is in MarginEdge and Sage Intacct. Even though item prices change constantly, your inventory and recipe prices are up-to-date… always.

    You Get Immediate Cost Tracking
    MarginEdge connects to your POS, bringing together your sales and purchases. You see real-time food, beverage, liquor, and operating cost percentage tracking.

    Paperless Bookkeeping
    All your invoice and sales data flow automatically to Sage Intacct. You're in complete control of your chart of accounts, vendors, sales entry format, and invoice approval process. 

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services

    Starting at $15/month for POS-only subscription; no setup fee or contracts

    Operating Countries:
    United States;


    Paperwork stinks. As restaurant owners, we know it. As technologists, we knew we could fix it.

    Paperwork does just… well, stink. We know you think so, too. We know this because we feel the same way! Bo and Roy, two of our founders, have more than 40 combined years of restaurant experience and built and operated over 25 restaurants around the US. Bo is the founder of Wasabi restaurants, a group of modern Japanese conveyor belt sushi restaurants, while Roy was a Joint Venture Partner within Bloomin’ Brands, most recently building and operating 15 Bonefish Grill locations. Though they had very different operating backgrounds, both struggled with the same frustrating invoice flow, inventory and recipe updating, unpredictable P&L timing and unending administrative details.

    The story might have stopped there with restaurant operators and some dreaming, but – plot twist – Bo was a successful tech entrepreneur before a successful restaurateur! Building software solutions to real-world problems was in his blood. So, he began brainstorming creative solutions to reduce restaurant paperwork and increase operating efficiencies, and he did this not only with Roy but also with long-time colleagues, friends, and successful technologists Mike and Sam. Together with Bo and Roy, the team had not just deep restaurant expertise but also more than three decades of tech company management between them.

    From our combined team and our unique combination of experience, MarginEdge was born. It was clear from the earliest days that our platform struck a chord with owners and operators of all kinds, and in less than several years of exposure, we’ve already had a fantastic time helping close to a thousand restaurants solve the very same operational challenges Bo and Roy first saw while running their own restaurants. Now, with teams in Washington, D.C., Arizona, New York, Minneapolis and Boston, we are excited about continuing to expand nationally, bringing the company’s unique vision to countless more full-service, quick-service, franchise and nightlife concepts throughout the country.

    Phone: (703) 652-0577
    Website: https://www.marginedge.com/accounting-bookkeeping/intacct/
    Year Founded: 2015
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