• Invoice Processing & Restaurant Management System

    Restaurant POS & AP Automation; Food Costing; Inventory; Daily P&L

  • MarginEdge is a leading restaurant management software that gives operators real-time reporting while eliminating back-office paperwork. With MarginEdge, operators can track food and labor costs in real-time, automate invoice processing, and manage inventory and recipes from one central platform.

    Key Benefits:

    MarginEdge is the end-to-end solution to eliminate manual data entry and grow your restaurant accounting practice. Spend more time adding value and scaling your business.

    Save Time

    Automate manual processes
    We automatically import sales and labor data every night and export in real-time to accounting. You and your clients won’t have to manually enter invoice data ever again.

    • Get accurate, automated reports
    • Log in once to manage all clients
    • Streamlines client communication

    Save Money
    Pay bills for free
    Don’t pay fees to pay bills any more. Line-item details of your invoices are processed in as little as 24 hours. View all unpaid invoices on a single screen and sort them by due date, vendor and payment status. Already using BILL? We can support your transition to MarginEdge.

    • Streamline A/P process
    • Save time on cutting checks
    • Set and forget with Auto Pay

    Add Value
    Scale your business
    Our platform turns data into powerful reports that help you track and manage everything coming into your client’s restaurant. You can grow your client base without adding labor costs.

    • Focus on adding value
    • Digitize all documents
    • Provide detailed reporting

    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License

    $100/month per location AP Processing $300/month per location full Restaurant Management System ($330 if paid monthly)

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;


    Who We Are

    Founded by restaurateurs to serve the restaurant vertical, MarginEdge connects over 60 Point of Sale (POS) systems to Sage Intacct for seamless data flow. MarginEdge empowers accountants to scale their restaurant client base without any manual data entry or additional labor. Line-item details of invoices are processed and sent to Sage Intacct in as little as 24 hours and stored in the cloud for easy access. Other key features include free bill pay, in-platform ordering, automatic pricing updates, food usage reporting, menu analysis and price alerts.

    What We Do

    MarginEdge takes restaurant back-office paperwork down to 2-3 minutes per day and lets operators make decisions in real time instead of after the period ends. Manual entry is eliminated as invoices are sent by taking a picture on the app, uploading, emailing or electronically from the vendor. MarginEdge processes, categorizes and adjusts for hand-written corrections through a powerful combination of machine learning and human review. Data syncs between the POS, invoice submissions and Sage Intacct to provide daily P&L and automated custom reports.


    MarginEdge sends invoices, bill payments, and journal entries (sales data, inventory adjustments, and non-AP expenses). Invoices, sent as bills, show up in Accounts Payable (AP). These bills can be paid in Intacct or marked as paid by our software if using our bill pay feature.


    Who We Serve

    MarginEdge exclusively serves the restaurant vertical. CFOs, restaurant owners, operators and accountants with restaurant clients can all benefit from integrating Sage Intacct with MarginEdge.

    Phone: (607) 329-8156
    Website: https://www.marginedge.com/accounting-bookkeeping/intacct/
    Year Founded: 2015
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