• Credit Hound for Sage Intacct

    Automate your invoice collections process to get more money in and spend less time doing it!

  • Credit Hound is powerful collections management software which works to help reduce late payments. It helps customers to manage cash flow, reduce bad debt and encourage more payments to come in on time, instantly showing who owes you money and who you need to chase, all making your profit a priority. It's a cloud solutions written with Sage Intacct in mind meaning that you can start chasing overdue customers within minutes at a price point that maximises you return on investment.

    Key Benefits:
    Do you want to get paid faster? Credit Hound automates many of your day-to-day credit control processes and is designed to compliment and enhance Sage Intacct by seamlessly syncing the data allowing customers greater control of their outstanding invoices with less of the work. It significantly reduces administrative tasks and allows users to focus on other important activities that are vital to your business, while ensuring customers pay on time. 

    Better cashflow - Move from a re-active to a pro-active credit control approach by introducing automated workflows which ensures customers are chased at the most appropriate time.
    Reduced debtor days - Chase outstanding payments prior to the date the invoice is due.
    Improved time management - Automating many of the everyday collections management process releases time to focus on other tasks important to your business.
    A quick return on investment - Reduce the amount of money owed to your organization by ensuring customers pay on time, improving cash flow and increasing working capital.

    Credit Hound for Sage Intacct features that keep you ahead of the competition:

    • Automatically chase customers for payments overdue without the need for manual chasing methods.
    • Tailor your communications based on the type of customer they are, to ensure you are chasing in the most appropriate way for your organization.
    • Seamlessly links to Sage Intacct finance information therefore no need to rekey Information within Credit Hound.
    • Manages both inbound and outbound chasing communication and notes in one central place.
    • Easy to sign up and configure, follow the inbuild step by step guide and have Credit Hound for Sage Intacct set up and chasing payments overdue within minutes.

    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License

    From £150 per month/$200 USD per month

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United Kingdom; South Africa; United States; South Africa;

    An award-winning software development company. We create document management and credit control software that provides practical solutions to real business problems - helping businesses to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve cash flow.

    Draycir’s mission is to supply and to continually enhance our collections management solutions created specifically for Sage Intacct to organisations using Sage Intacct across the world, ensuring we stay number one in what we do.

    Phone: 0116 255 3010
    Website: https://draycir.com/
    Year Founded: 2002
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