• Cube

    Cube integrates your existing spreadsheets, ERP data, and source systems into one source of truth

  • Cube integrates your existing spreadsheets and source systems into one central source of truth that powers next-generation insights & analysis. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can populate models, reports, and spreadsheets with real-time actuals data.

    Cube also enhances the forecasting process by letting stakeholders manage their drivers and create models based on different scenarios within seconds.

    Key Benefits:
    Connect your Sage Intacct data directly to your Cube cloud database, and save time on Actual vs Budget analysis and updating accounting actuals across your financial models and management reports. Cube provides a centrally-managed database which connects all of this data, and allows you to store, manage, and define it in the cloud--not in a spreadsheet.  You'll then be able to access all of this data in your favorite spreadsheet tool using our add-on.  You'll be able to fetch and publish data to and from Cube in real time, and share models and reports with other users at your company.  Best of all, you'll be able to do it all without coding or calling your IT team!

    And our implementation process gets you up and running in days, not months!  Your dedicated implementation manager will start with a kickoff call to get to know your FP&A goals and objectives.  Then, we'll get Sage Intacct connected within days.  Within a couple weeks, you'll be able to start reporting and modeling! We'll have configured your data in Cube, uploaded your existing budget, and given you access to our standard reporting templates.  Within a couple months, most of your reporting will be automated, your financial model will be Cube-ified, and you'll be managing multiple scenarios and your annual planning process through Cube.  We'll also work with you to scope integrations of other data sources as needed (think CRM, HRIS, Data Warehouse, etc.)

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services

    See https://www.cubesoftware.com/pricing/ to learn more

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;

    Cube is a next-generation financial planning & analytics platform that enables finance teams and businesses to make smarter, faster decisions. Our software reduces the 75% of efforts finance teams spend manually transforming & re-keying data in spreadsheets by connecting disparate financial & operational data sources into a central version of truth. Cube reduces errors associated with manual planning and empowers cross-functional leaders to seamlessly collaborate and manage data workflow. By providing add-ons to one’s spreadsheet of choice (Excel, Google Sheets), our intuitive interface eliminates the need for a lengthy / costly implementation or extensive training.

    Website: https://www.cubesoftware.com/
    Year Founded: 2019
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