• AssetAccountant™

    Automated fixed asset depreciation, lease and hire purchase calculations for Sage Intacct.

  • AssetAccountant™'s deep integration with Sage Intacct makes fixed asset depreciation and lease calculations effortless.

    Our simple user interface minimises the time spent on compliance and the detailed audit trail allows you to more easily delegate this work.

    Australia & NZ: sophisticated modelling of ATO and IRD tax rulings gives you the confidence you're meeting your compliance obligations.

    USA: Straight line, DDB, mid-month depreciation calculation convention, tax & book value and more.

    And, of course, we are ISO27001 certified.

    Designed to meet the complex requirements and performance demands of large and growing companies, AssetAccountant™ takes the pain out of reporting and journaling fixed asset depreciation and lease calculations.

    Key Benefits:

    • USA, Australia and New Zealand clients:  Complete and integrated management of fixed asset registers
    • Full support for Sage Intacct Dimensions (both standard and user-defined)
    • Automated depreciation calculations and one-click journaling to Sage Intacct ledgers
    • Automated lease and hire-purchase calculations and one-click journaling to Sage Intacct ledgers
    • Full management of both tax and book value of assets and leases
    • Sophisticated modelling of accounting AND tax rules (AU & NZ) including Div43, Luxury Vehicle, Blackhole Expenditure, Intangibles and more
    • Detailed support for Small Business Pools, Low Value Pools and Software Pools (AU & NZ)
    • Simple user interface designed to minimise the time you spend on compliance
    • On-demand reporting and data exports
    • Effortless onboarding
    • ISO27001 certified
    • Unlimited users, entities and assets

    Operating Countries:
    United States

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services
    Sage Intacct Platform Services
    Web browser

    From $2,200 AUD (approx $1,700USD) per annum. Unlimited users. No lock-in contracts.

    Operating Countries:
    Australia; United States;


    AssetAccountant™: Automated fixed asset depreciation, lease and hire purchase calculations for Sage Intacct.  

      AssetAccountant™ is a best of breed, fixed asset depreciation and lease calculation engine.  We cater for the complex requirements of large and growing companies while designing for simplicity.

      We help you to drastically minimise the time you spend on compliance, with the confidence that your calculations are completely accurate.

      Automated:  We completely automate fixed asset depreciation and lease calculations for both Tax and Book value.

      Integrated:  We elegantly map all Sage Intacct Dimensions for detailed and immediate journaling to the GL.

      Shareable:  You can share your fixed asset registers effortlessly with your colleagues and advisors. Unlimited Users. Unlimited Assets.

      Compliant:  We constantly monitor the latest tax and accounting rulings.

      Secure:  We are proudly ISO27001 certified.

      Prescient:  AssetAccountant™ generates depreciation and lease calculations and reports over any time period – past, present or future.

      Getting Started

      It only takes a few clicks and keystrokes to get up and running with AssetAccountant™ - our fuzzy logic based import engine makes onboarding a breeze - we're so confident of this, we'll import your existing registers for free.

      Phone: 1300 984 378
      Website: https://www.asset.accountant/sage-intacct-assets-powered-by-assetaccountant/
      Year Founded: 2019
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