• ONESOURCE Sales Tax Determination Integration for Sage Intacct

    Automate your sales tax processes with ONESOURCE Determination

  • Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Determination is a tax calculation engine for the United States and Canada that determines and stores Sales and Use Taxes, VAT, Superfund Excise Taxes (sale/use of chemicals or hazardous substances in real time with volumetric-based calculations), and GST on all business sales and purchases, and seamlessly integrates with Sage Intacct enabling you to increase accuracy of tax calculation reducing the risk of triggering an audit, manage exemption certificates, prepare returns, and much more for the United States & Canada all in one product.

    Built on cloud-native technology, ONESOURCE Determination automates new tax rates and rules with no downtime updates, automates manual, repetitive work from your sales processes allowing you more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

    Key Benefits:
    Orange Rectangle Thomson Reuters Brand Logo ImageONESOURCE Determination Benefits slide with sales and use tax, CST, and VAT compliance software with a centralized dashboard, global tax expertise, flexible importing, digital reporting, risk management tools, data management, tax exemption control, and the latest e-filing advacements.
    ONESOURCE Determination Benefits:

    • Seamless pre-built integration with Sage Intacct to support end-to-end tax determination & compliance.
    • Central repository for global tax rates and rules covering 205 countries and territories in 56k jurisdictions across the globe (integration specific to US & Canada).
    • Native cloud capabilities that automate new tax rate and rules with no down-time updates; achieve up to 95% reduction in coding requirements due to tax changes.
    • Easily apply your tax policy consistently across your business & collaborate across regions with our cloud-native solution.
    • Reduces time for manual and redundant indirect tax and compliance processes by 50%.
    • Substantial reduction in manual effort and errors with a sharp increase in efficiency amounting to Indirect tax automation of 90 to 95%.
    • Trusted reporting you need to reduce risk & ensure that your sales tax calculations are accurate.

    Top 10 ONESOURCE Sales Tax Determination Customer Industries:

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services; Sage Intacct Platform Services

    Annual company subscription

    Integration Approved Countries:
    Canada; United States;

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    Thomson Reuters is one of the world’s most trusted software and content providers, helping over 1M customers in Corporate, Tax, Accounting, and Legal make agile, pragmatic business decisions to move briskly with ever-changing mandates and mercurial regulations on their businesses. Our SMB, Large, and Enterprise customers operate in complex arenas that move society forward —tax, compliance, government, law, and media – and face increasing complexity as regulation and technology disrupts every industry. We are also proudly home to REUTERS, the largest and most well-respected news agency in the world. 

    Our ONESOURCE all-in-one tax solution can support your company's tax needs wherever you do business, anywhere in the world.  We are known for streamlining tax inefficiencies and if you are a global organization or expanding via M&A to new sales regions, we are the one you call.  We are trusted by the Big 4 and Global 7 Firms and their clients, System Integrators, Accountants, and many other global and regional partners around the world who recommend our ONESOURCE all-in-one tax solution to manage all of their needs with Certified Integrations to many other products you are using today or planning for your growth ahead. 

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