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    Time Tracking for Sage Intacct

  • Time tracking for payroll, billing, and productivity.
    As a growing company you require a more robust accounting software and financial management solution which is why you are using Sage Intacct. Add on Time Tracker to achieve more accurate results, pay employees for hours worked or invoice clients for every billable second.

    Connect the two accounts in just one click! When you connect your two accounts they work like one bringing your employees, time, clients, expenses and projects together. In just one click your data syncs automatically between Time Tracker and Sage Intacct accounting software.

    Key Benefits:

    Get better results in half the time
    Just when you thought your Sage Intacct software couldn’t get any better you can now add-on time tracking features with Time Tracker by eBillity.  With flexible tracking options your employees can track time and submit timesheets for approval from anywhere, with any device! Approved time entries easily sync with Sage Intacct for paperless payroll and accurate billing.

    Why use time tracking software?

    Inaccurate time tracking is more common than business owners expect and is one of the main reasons for lost revenue. Employees or contractors may not be tracking their time down to the minute, or maybe they’re not estimating their hours properly. By tracking time accurately and analyzing past jobs you're able to improve profitability by up to 20%. 

    With Time Tracker for Sage Intacct you can easily manage timesheets, expenses and invoices from your centralized dashboard. Run productivity reports to discover where your time goes – identify your most productive employees, see how much time you’re business has spent on each client and identify which clients are earning (or costing) you the most money. 

    The benefits of Time Tracker

    1. Flexible tracking options
    • Single time entries – our real-time data sync allows employees to track time on one device and stop it on another.
    • Multi-timers – be more productive with multi-timers. Quickly move between timers fast as your priorities shift.
    • Weekly timesheets – Working to a schedule? Enter your week in blocks of time with weekly timesheets.
    2. Free Apps 
    • iOS and Android for mobile and tablet devices
    • Microsoft Outlook add-in and Outlook 365 add-in
    • Desktop app for Windows 10 to track time offline
    3. Secure global software
    • Secure cloud and mobile access to business information
    • GDPR and EU-US Privacy Shield Compliant
    • Multiple currencies, global time zones, and multilingual
    • Set roles and permissions, and configure settings for your industry

    Time Tracking for Sage Intacct

    When you connect your two accounts they work like one bringing your employees, time, clients, expenses and projects together. In just one click your data syncs automatically between Time Tracker and Sage Intacct.

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services. Web application requires internet connection.
    Available on iOS, Android and Desktop.

    From $4 per user + $8 base fee (annual billing)


    Time Tracker by eBillity is a timekeeping and invoicing application built for teams and individuals to streamline payroll and accounting. Time Tracker makes it easy for employees in different locations to accurately keep track of time and expenses no matter where they are in relation to various projects, clients and tasks. Employees can log time from any device, quickly submit hours for admin approval, then sync those hours with Sage Intacct in one-click. Featuring 4-click invoicing, real-time secure backups, GDPR and US-EU privacy compliance, iOS and Android mobile apps, GPS geolocation tracking, detailed reporting, multiple languages, multiple currencies, global time zones and seamless integration Sage Intacct.

      Phone: (800) 851-0992
      Website: https://www.ebillity.com/sage-intacct
      Year Founded: 2009
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