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    Streamlining the requisition & e-Procurement process for healthcare organizations with Sage Intacct!

  • Hybrent syncs with Sage Intacct, so approved invoices and GL codes can be flawlessly transferred removing manual entry and errors. Hybrent's healthcare-focused cloud-based platform makes it easy to reduce supply costs and maximize profitability. Increase efficiencies, streamline workflows, and reduce manual errors throughout your entire procure-to-pay process!

    Key Benefits:

    Streamline your procure-to-pay process, gain real-time visibility and control over inventory, and deliver cost effective, high quality patient care when you combine the power of Hybrent and Sage Intacct! Hybrent and Sage Intacct believe in the power of automation, visibility, and greater control over your requisition and procurement process. 

    With Hybrent, health systems can: 

    e-Procurement: Shop, Order, and Approve
    Significantly reduce the time it takes to place purchase orders with your vendors and take advantage of an "Amazon-like" shopping experience. Reduce supply costs when you comparative price shop supplies from all your vendors in your custom Hybrent portal. Increase efficiencies and capture supply spend shop directly in your vendor's online catalog and submit your order through Hybrent with Punchout. Create custom approval workflows that are unique to your organization.

    Make smarter purchase decisions with pre-purchase stock notifications, order history, and use templates for frequently purchased items. Purchase vendor-negotiated supplies through your Hybrent portal to increase contract compliance and capture cost savings. 

    Accurately Track Inventory and Manage Materials
    Gain visibility and control over your materials management process. Conveniently re-order, fulfill, or transfer stock at any inventory location.Track supplies by serial #, lot #, and expiration date to reduce waste and increase patient safety. Set accurate PAR levels using usage history - eliminating overstock, stock-outs, reducing waste, and re-order supplies faster!

    Invoicing - It's never been easier with Hybrent's integration with Sage Intacct!
    Streamline your 3-way match and GL code process and send approved invoices to accounting. We offer both a one and two way interface with most A/P software to streamline your payment process. Integrates with Sage Intacct! Simply manage orders by exception with Hybrent's electronic and transparent 3-way match using your electronic PO, packing slip, and invoice.

    Empower your team with the powerful partnership between Hybrent and Sage Intacct! Say goodbye to paper driven workflows, and say hello to an automated invoicing process when you use Hybrent for med supply ordering and Sage Intacct as your trusted cloud-based accounting software. 

    DME Module
    Durable Medical Equipment (DME) management has never been easier. View and start new claims from your Hybrent portal, filter claims and tie to patients, and review valuable benchmarking and utilization analysis.

    Scan-in, scan-out, and re-order supplies using barcode scanning! Access your Hybrent portal from the convenience of our mobile app - scan and go! 

    Project and Budget Management
    Establish, enforce, and audit organizational budgets throughout the entire requisition and procurement process. Increase collaboration, assign priority tasks, and visualize where your project stands at a single glance all from the convenience of your Hybrent portal. 

    Contract Management 
    Gain visibility and control over all your contracts in one convenient location. Upload contracts, set expiration dates and alerts for email reminders so you’ll never forget to renew, cancel, or renegotiate an important contract.

    Reporting & Data Analytics
    Gain insights that impact the bottom line with reporting and analytics. Access pre-built and create unlimited custom reports or export your data to use in other applications. Make smarter business decisions, maximize profitability, and align your team using valuable data. Using your data from Hybrent and Sage Intacct, you're able to understand spend and usage earlier to make decisions that impact your bottom line. Improving financial performance is critical when improving your overall supply chain. 

    Multi-Site Functionality
    Consolidate purchasing across multiple facilities and take advantage of buying power with volume discounts. Check inventory levels organization wide when you need a critical supply that is on backorder or out-of-stock. Increase collaboration with an unlimited number of users and customize user access. Multi-location health systems can centralize payments and eliminate manual process with Hybrent and Sage Intacct's seamless integration.

    Customer Support
    Your success is our success! Chat with customer support from the convenience of your portal, call and speak to a support team member, or send an email and come back to a solution. 

    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License

    Monthly Subscription + One-time Implementation Fee

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;


    Welcome to the forefront of healthcare procurement innovation – Hybrent, your tailored solution for operational excellence. Powered by Procurement Partners, we present a transformative procure-to-pay platform exclusively designed to elevate the way healthcare organizations operate. With an unwavering focus on your unique needs, Hybrent redefines procurement, simplifies compliance, and revolutionizes efficiency, all while guided by industry experts.  

    Achieve Budgetary Peace of Mind 

    • Navigating the intricate landscape of healthcare budgets demands precision and control. Hybrent empowers you with unparalleled visibility and comprehensive control, enabling effective management across multiple departments and locations. Our robust reporting delivers insights that pinpoint negotiation opportunities and eliminate rogue spending. Guided by predefined catalogs, your procurement behavior aligns with pre-negotiated rates, while the dynamic punch-out capabilities grant the flexibility to explore the best pricing alternatives. Elevate cost-saving strategies with formulary management and intelligent business rules, ensuring alignment with contracts and processes.  

    Eliminate Supply Chain Headaches  

    • In the dynamic realm of healthcare, simplicity, and automation are paramount. Hybrent simplifies and automates critical processes, spanning from procurement and inventory management to invoicing and payments. Stay ahead with real-time alerts for low or expiring inventory, alleviating the burden of constant monitoring and scheduled ordering. Our comprehensive platform consolidates your purchasing endeavors, streamlining fragmented processes. Bid farewell to navigating multiple supplier sites or relying on traditional communication methods. Embrace streamlined efficiency as our platform seamlessly handles invoice reconciliations, coding, and approval workflows. With meticulously curated formulary and dietary templates, you can focus on pivotal tasks while eliminating the time-consuming aspects of planning.  

    Embrace Resilience through Expert Partnerships  

    • The path to digital transformation is marked by remarkable results, and Hybrent is your steadfast guide. Led by seasoned practitioners with decades of industry experience, our implementation practices guarantee rapid value realization. Our dedicated customer support teams ensure timely responses and resolutions, freeing you from the worries of user support. Elevate your experience with dedicated customer success managers committed to surpassing the promised value. Our experts meticulously configure solutions, seamlessly integrating with your suppliers, systems, and GPOs. With an ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, our modern data privacy practices stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to security and compliance.  

    Unleash Excellence with Hybrent  

    • Hybrent is not just a solution; it's a commitment to excellence in healthcare procurement. Experience informed decision-making, simplified operations, and unwavering support, all united in one powerful platform. Embrace the future of healthcare procurement – partner with Hybrent and redefine success in your organization.  

    Hybrent integrates seamlessly with Sage Intacct, which many of our customers use. Contact us for a partner demo to learn how the software works and read our Customer Success stories on our website.

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