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    Seamlessly connect Stripe & Sage Intacct

  • The first Stripe to Sage Intacct integration solution on the Marketplace. This seamless solution provides multiple out-of-the-box pieces of functionality that can be configured to meet the client's needs.

    Key Benefits:
    Stripe continues to grow in popularity as one of the leading payment processors.  Venn Technology can help you seamlessly integrate your existing Stripe payments into Sage Intacct. Sync Customers, Order Entry Transactions and issue refunds from within Sage Intacct without manual effort.

    Multiple key benefits include: 

    • Time saved through manual entry of customer and transactional data
    • Accuracy of data due to less manual manipulation of data
    • Timely access to information – data can be synced in real time or on a schedule without the need for human intervention

    There are four key workflows supported within the integration. The specific workflow selected by the client will depend on level of detail in either environment, data volumes, etc. Each of the following is supported out-of-the-box…
    1. Invoice already exists in Sage Intacct. The User will be able create a Stripe Payment directly in Sage Intacct from the Sales Invoice Record.
    2. Invoices are created in bulk via Contracts invoice generation. The invoices are immediately & automatically processed against Stripe without manual intervention. 
    3. eCommerce or external billing site will push transactions into Stripe. Stripe will then push both the invoice and payment into Sage Intacct.
    4. eCommerce or external billing site will push transactions into Stripe. Stripe will then push journal entries into Sage Intacct.

    Regardless of the workflow desired, multiple key integrations will allow users to keep certain objects in sync between Sage Intacct and Stripe:
    • Sage Intacct Customers and Stripe Customers
    • Sage Intacct Items and Stripe Products

    In some situations we may be able to accommodate client specific requests that fall outside of the above on a case by case basis. 

    System Requirements:
    Existing Stripe Subscription; Sage Intacct Web Services

    Contact Venn Technology

    Keep your team focused on the mission, not time-wasting manual processes, with a solution that seamlessly integrates Sage Intacct, Salesforce, and the other cloud-based apps you use.
    By working with Venn, you’ll eliminate manual processes, make siloed information accessible, and enable organization-wide real-time sharing of information to keep every department and customer in the loop, up to date, and on the same page.

    No one digs deeper to fully understand your interdepartmental processes; real-time information, data validation, and reporting needs than Venn. And no one better understands your needs from a business, as well as a technology standpoint, to design solutions that meet or exceed your expectations today while building in maximum flexibility to accommodate your future needs.

    Streamline Your Workflow
    • Put your applications to work doing the heavy lifting
    • Export and import automatically in real time or on a predetermined schedule
    • Eliminate grunt work and manual processes such as rekeying and reformatting
    • Eliminate the need for manual addition of information after the fact
    Reduce Or Eliminate Errors
    • Minimize reconciliations with multiple built-in validations and verification fail-safes
    Leverage Real-time Insights
    • Access key metrics in real-time with real-time processes
    • Reduce/eliminate reporting delays through maximally optimized integration and automation

    Integrate All Your Cloud-Based Apps
    • Salesforce.com
    • Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

    Ready For What’s Next
    • Maximum flexibility is built into every Venn solution
    • Solution architectures designed to minimize cost and time-to-implement future changes, expansion, and extension of functionality

    Phone: (214) 612-0490
    Website: http://www.venntechnology.com/
    Year Founded: 2015
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