• VersaPay ARC

    Reinventing the A/R process to help companies strengthen customer relationships and get paid faster.

  • The VersaPay ARC accounts receivable platform allows your team to intuitively view, action and manage your accounts receivable process from end-to-end. Centralizing your AR allows your team to gain control of every aspect of your receivables including online invoice presentment, collaboration for disputes and inquiries, collections management, automated cash application and payment management. With a robust analytics dashboard, your team will have a full view of accounts receivable at their fingertips to turn insight into action quickly. Improve collections and get paid faster with real-time reports on total outstanding receivables, days sales outstanding (DSO), aged receivables schedule, top overdue accounts and payment trends.

    Key Benefits:

    VersaPay integrates with Sage Intacct, allowing you to leverage your current technology investments. Using our robust integration techniques, VersaPay extracts data seamlessly through connectivity to the Sage Intacct API.

    VersaPay’s integration to your Sage Intacct system will allow you to automate repetitive tasks, and will not only save time and money, but your team(s) can refocus their efforts on activities that really matter to your business. Say goodbye to manually matching payments to invoices, resending invoices and follow-up reminders – let VersaPay’s AR automation platform, do the work for you.

    VersaPay helps Sage Intacct clients transition their customers to an online environment with Express User Adoption. This is to assist with any customers who might be slower to transition to viewing invoices and corresponding information online.

    Solve Key Accounts Receivable Challenges:

    Get paid faster
    • Get paid 5-25 days faster. To speed up your invoice-to-cash cycle, your accounts receivable team needs to invoice accurately, send payment reminders, apply late fees, and monitor late payers.
    Save time and money
    • Time is money, so why waste it? If you still send invoices via paper, fax, or email attachments, then your accounts receivable staff must waste time on paper handling, envelope stuffing, file uploading, and scanning.
    Collect Smarter
    • To improve your collections efforts, VersaPay provides the platform to automate your invoice-to-cash process as well as specific tools to ensure your collections processes are smart and efficient.
    Apply cash easily
    • It’s difficult and time-consuming to manually match open items to cash without making mistakes, particularly when dealing with multiple payment methods such as EFT, ACH, credit cards, and cheques.
    Gain insight into A/R
    • Leverage real-time data to turn insights into action.
    Make customers happy
    • Offer a better experience by providing your customers with a self-service invoicing and payment platform. After all, your competitors may already be working on it.

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Platform Services; Compatible with all O/S versions and all browsers.

    SaaS - Annual Subscription

    VersaPay is a leading provider of cloud-based invoice-to-cash solutions, enabling businesses to get paid faster, streamline financial operations, reduce DSO and costs, and provide a superior customer experience.

    VersaPay ARC is the new standard in accounts receivable and collections management with a customer self-service environment to view invoices online, collaborate on inquiries and disputes, and facilitate secure online payments (EFT/ACH and credit card). Businesses gain access to a suite of powerful tools that enable efficient collections, cash application, and real-time insight into accounts receivable. VersaPay ARC automatically reconciles payments and account information through integrations with a wide range of ERPs and accounting software providers.

    More information about VersaPay can be found on the Company’s website at www.versapay.com.


    Phone: (647) 258-9397
    Website: http://www.versapay.com
    Year Founded: 2006
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