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  • Roghnu's Data Portal offers a single point of data connection for all your company’s cloud, on-premise, or CSV data. Your data is stored in a single secured enterprise SQL database encrypted for security. Roghnu services provide integration, reporting, data analytics, web application extensions, and business continuity and disaster recovery readiness. Combined with our portal and on-line query builder you have a single location to access your data via desktop or mobile device anytime and anywhere. Our solutions are delivered with experienced professional services and support to ensure you won't need additional IT support as we effectively deliver managed services for your enterprise data accessibility. Roghnu is SOC2 audited.

    Key Benefits:
    Access to all your Sage Intacct data and more
    Financial reporting and data analytics just got a lot easier. With all your cloud, on-premise, and even spreadsheet data stored in one place, you are able to access your data through any reporting tool, the Roghnu on-line Query Builder, Power BI, Tableau, Spreadsheet Server, or any application that using a MS SQL Server or ODBC connection.

    Automate processes and eliminate duplicate entry
    Roghnu automates or eliminates manual processes and duplicate data entry by providing a data management tool that unifies all your data. Roghnu uses web services APIs to process your Sage Intacct licensed data to your enterprise SQL Server database. From here, we refresh your data every night or you can update it on-demand via the Data Portal. 

    Import from Excel
    Data that is not maintained in Sage Intacct or other systems can be imported into your data warehouse and then used for any reporting and analytics support or reference. This is a great way to reduce data loss risk and memorize data in a secure, backed up, and available solution. 

    Export to Excel
    Of course, if you need to export your data to Excel, you can.  This allows for business users to perform the adhoc data analysis using a tool that is simple to use and familiar.  

    Integration statistics
    This functionality includes all of the web service calls and statistics associated with your integrations. This is valuable to understand the health of your integrations and making sure that everything is operating, as you would expect.

    Lower cost and user reporting features
    Leveraging an enterprise data warehouse ecosystem allows for a user to only need one reporting solution. This reduces training costs associated with multiple applications, as well as multiple logins.  You can leverage the Roghnu reporting kick start program and obtain standard dashboards and have access to Power BI reporting resources ensuring you receive value right from the start. 

    Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
    Get local data backups for business continuity and peace of mind that you have all of your data.  It should be about your data, not the myriad of technology, people, and processes that it takes to get your data.

    Role-based security
    Leverage secure role-based web subscriptions to access your data and add value to it through focused applications for your business.  Features that you need for your business can be delivered through our portal saving time, money, and risk of manual Excel based activities.

    No upgrades or infrastructure to maintain
    You don't need to worry about upgrades, server updates, patches, network updates, hardware migrations or anything technical.  

    Readily scalable for your data needs
    Roghnu solutions offer an unlimited data range of storage along with web access.  If you want to keep 20 years of historical data for your management to access then by all means go ahead and do it!  Just the same, if you want to meet any data retention policies and purge data based on key dates we can support that need as well.

    Secure and audited
    Roghnu is SOC2 audited.

    We are here to help
    You are not tackling your data alone when you work with Roghnu.  Our objective is to deliver a solution, not just software.  We want to be your managed services for your data so you can focus on your data, not on the technical infrastructure, software, network, and engineering involved in obtaining it, managing it, making it available and keeping it secure.  

    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users must purchase: Sage Intacct - Web Developer License

    Yearly Subscription - One Month Trial Offered

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;

    Roghnu is a Sage Intacct value added reseller (sell, implement, and support Sage Intacct) and a marketplace partner.  Roghnu Data Portal provides consolidated cloud, on-premise, and general CSV file data to help companys gain better access to their data without the need for internal technical resources.  The Roghnu Data Portal provides a data warehouse for Sage Intacct, Salesforce, Hubspot, and other source data making it easily accessible through Excel, PowerBI, Tableau, Spreadsheet Server or any application that requires a database connection.  We  provide integration services, custom applications, and reporting services.   We work with our customers to help ensure their ability to make good decisions based on reliable enterprise data that is up to date and can be quickly provided for decision support along with business continuity readiness Roghnu's objective is to help the SMB with solutions only previously available to large Fortune 2000 companies with large budgets. 

    Phone: (813) 616-5090
    Website: https://www.roghnu.com/
    Year Founded: 2014
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